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Mercedes-Benz partners with Electronic Arts: "SimCity Social" starts with the new A-Class

When city-building simulation game SimCity Social is released on Facebook in the coming weeks, the new Mercedes-Benz A-Class will be there from the start. Electronic Arts Inc. and the Stuttgart-based premium automotive brand announced their partnership for all worldwide territories excluding North America. Mercedes-Benz will offer fans of SimCity Social a range of exclusive additional playing options until the end of September. They will be able to add a Mercedes-Benz factory and billboards to their cities, and have the new A-Class driving through their streets.

“The new A-Class sets new standards in efficiency and its exhilarating design – which includes features such as the world's first fully-integrated smartphone facility – is unrivalled, both inside and out. It uniquely embodies the pulse of a new generation, sidestepping conventions to explore new ground, and is thus a great fit with the challenges and sophistication of SimCity Social”, remarked Anders Sundt Jensen, Head of Brand Communications at Mercedes-Benz Cars. “Moreover, the integration of the Mercedes-Benz brand into a social game is a logical step in our communications strategy, which has embraced social media as a key tool for some time now. We have found the perfect partner for this in Electronic Arts, which – just like Mercedes-Benz – stands for technical innovation, fascinating entertainment and a love of detail.”

“SimCity Social‘s distinctive style of humor is derived from its fun, quirky and spontaneous gameplay mechanics that exude the essence of the franchise,” said Jami Laes, Vice President of Global Studios at Playfish. “With the integration of Mercedes-Benz, we’ve added a layer of fun realism that enables our fans to bring their favorite brands into their games. We evaluate every partnership to see what the added value is for our fans and the gameplay. Mercedes-Benz plays extremely well into the city building and player customization that SimCity Social embodies.”

SimCity Social is a close collaboration between two award-winning studios at Maxis and Playfish, and can be played at very soon. It combines the best in social gaming with the depth and creativity that embodies the SimCity franchise.

SimCity Social takes city-building on Facebook to the next level by empowering mayors to make meaningful decisions that will allow them to create, customize and evolve unique cities with soul. There are no set linear paths to follow; player-driven decisions determine how these cities evolve – unleashing the player’s creativity. Also, social interactions in SimCity Social go far beyond just visiting friends’ cities or using them as resources to complete tasks. For the first time in a social city-building game, players can choose to build mutually beneficial relationships with other cities or establish intense, deeply rooted rivalries.

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