by Adrian-Liviu Dorofte

The new Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class 2012: Complete Story

The new-generation GLK arrives in global Mercedes-Benz showrooms starting this summer. Featuring a dynamic look, an enhanced cabin and an improved powertrain, the agile SUV from the Star brand is certainly the best alternative in the segment. Moreover, the facelift of the X 204 leads the G-Class tradition into the future through its powerful exterior styling, combining the rough, upright design with a modern, distinctive approach. Also, the new GLK 2012 evenly completes the comprehensive SUV range of Mercedes-Benz, which include the classic Gelandewagen, the efficient M-Class, the luxurious GL-Class and the R-Class executive tourer. Find out more about the updated GLK by hitting the following links. Enjoy!

1. The new Mercedes-Benz GLK 2012: The dynamism of a rock-solid character

2. The new Mercedes-Benz GLK 2012: Design - Rock-solid character in a fresh guise

3. The new Mercedes-Benz GLK 2012: Interior - Even classier setting, high feel-good factor

4. The new Mercedes-Benz GLK 2012: Active safety - Assistance systems take the GLK to the top of its market segment

5. The new Mercedes-Benz GLK 2012: Passive safety - Exemplary security as standard

6. The new Mercedes-Benz GLK 2012: Drive system - Efficient, clean, powerful

7. The new Mercedes-Benz GLK 2012: Model range and equipment - Comprehensive scope of standard equipment and appointments, attractive packages

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