by Adrian-Liviu Dorofte

The performance brand from Mercedes-Benz celebrates its anniversary - 45 years of AMG: growth with performance

Once upon a time, Hans Werner Aufrecht was saying: "You can't really improve a Mercedes. But you can make it different". This beautiful statement captures the pure quintessence of the AMG philosophy: high-performance, uniquely styled vehicles under the Star brand. From 1967, the endless motoring adventure led by the Affalterbach-based company creates passion and worldwide admiration. At the 45th anniversary, the growth plans for the future are extremely daring. Up to the 50th celebration, AMG will add eight new models to the already rich lineup, which will total 30 cars up to 2017. The sustainable growth will be further ensured with the help of remarkable technologies that aim to deliver more dynamism and more efficiency at the same time.

We invite you to have a look through the articles covering the 45 Years of AMG. Enjoy!

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