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SPY: The 2013 Mercedes-Benz A 45 AMG hides some serious engineering stuff under the hood

The new Mercedes-Benz A 45 AMG sports hatchback heralds a revolution for the Affalterbach-based company, which targets to add no less than eight brand new models in the portfolio in the next five years. This daring offensive is part of the AMG Performance 50 strategy we talked about previously. Returning to the A 45 AMG, the 4-wheeled compact rocket will premier a new and revolutionary turbocharged powerplant, developed to fit in the smaller engine bay and retain the traditional AMG performance level.

According to latest reports, the engineers put their entire knowledge into creating a technical masterpiece. You would be tempted to say only 4 cylinders and a low displacement of only 2.0 litres would likely seem inappropriate for a sports firm such as Mercedes-AMG, but you couldn't be any wronger than that. Thanks to an array of complex technical solutions and inspiration from Formula 1, the specialists from the Mercedes-Benz HighPerformancePowertrains in Brixworth in collaboration with AMG engineers managed to master a brilliant engine rated at over 350 hp, as many auto journalist suggest.

Furthermore, peak output exceeds 400 Nm, a large amount which is securely handled with the help of a newly developed sports-oriented 4x4 traction system, compact and light enough to underpin the agile A 45 AMG and offer highest level of dynamics and safety. The package also comprises, among other features, the AMG SPEEDSHIFT DCT gearbox which completes the powertrain, the 3-stage ESP and the AMG RIDE CONTROL. Given the impressive "weapon arsenal", the A 45 AMG will be crowned king of the class soon after the car is unveiled early next year.

It will be available for sale from spring 2013, with prices starting from around 70,000 euros in Europe. However, the A 45 AMG won't be sold in the United States, as Mercedes-Benz decided the Stateside clients would most likely prefer a sports 4-door coupe rather than a hot hatch. This is the reason why only the CLA 45 AMG (and its later Shooting Brake variant) will reach U.S. market beginning with late 2013 (and mid-2014, respectively). The expansion eyes to offer a potent version for the future GLA compact-sized SUV, scheduled to arrive in two-years time. As you would expect, the entire "45 AMG" fleet will boast the same +350 hp 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol unit and the 4x4 running architecture.

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