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SPY: First sighting of the future 2015 Mercedes-Benz SLC AMG supercar

Ever since the SLS AMG was out, there has been an intense speculation regarding the growing chances of seeing a new supercar from the Affalterbach-based firm, sloted right below the modern Gullwing. These are the very first spy shots that depict an early test mule for the long-rumored SLC AMG, set to hit streets in late 2014.

Engineers are using a modified SLS AMG body kit to test the hidden technical components of the forthcoming hyper vehicle. The heavy camouflage hides important sections from the front, side and rear areas like the revamped air intakes, the different sills, the new posterior apron and the gas exhaust system. The new SLC AMG will feature conventional doors, shorther engine bonnet and overhangs and a more aerodynamic shape of the exterior.

There are little known facts about this new Merc supercar, but we do know from the past reports that the 2015 SLC AMG will target the Porsche 911, the all-time sports legend, the guide mark and the toughest contender in the segment. The car will sit on a modified SLS technical platform, while power will come from an all new turbocharged V8 engine, with a total displacement of 5.0 litres and a peak output between 450 hp and 500 hp. The expected entry price should be located somewhere around 100,000 euros.

It is still premature to talk more on the new SLC AMG, but there's likelihood a roadster version will follow the coupe in 2015 or 2016. Chances are to see a hardcore Black Series variant as well towards 2017, with near 600 hp, but this is just pure speculation at the moment. For now, we can just sit down and wait for the sarabande to begin as more inside details, renderings and scoops will start surfacing on the internet.

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