by Adrian-Liviu Dorofte

SPY: Latest dose of scoops featuring the 2013 Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class (C 117)

The development of the new CLA-Class is fully underway at the moment, with the camouflaged prototypes approaching slowly, but surely the final experimental phase. Then, the test vehicles will lose most of their heavy outer cladding and reveal more of their sexy coupé silhouette. The street-spotted CLA pre-series models already feature the final product design details and our minds are thrilled by the almost perfect resemblance with the astonishing Concept Style Coupé unveiled in April this year.

Like the A-Class, the CLA is also building success on the same basic principle: the serial model has to fairly close in terms of styling to the showcar that precedes it. You can easily recognize the dynamic body dominated by the dropping roofline and the impressive, cultivated CLS stance. The entire visual package is further enhanced by the special design alloy wheels, the iconic single-louvre grille and the eagle eye headlights with LED technology, that aim to convert the CLA into a complete looker and a fashionable mean to move around in the glamorous cities.

The C 117 is currently being tested out in Europe and in the United States, with the freshest spy pics coming from the Nürburgring circuit and from various locations in Germany. European clients will get the new Mercedes-Benz 4-door coupé model in the first quarter of 2013, with the Stateside market following shortly after. What's more, in North America, the CLA will be the flagship of the new generation of compact Mercedes-Benz cars as it will be launched there before the new A-Class.

The technical package illustrates the heritage and attributes of its siblings: a front-driven platform, a range of efficient engines, an overall agile powertrain and multiple assistance technologies for greater safety and better communication. The bottom-range choice will be the CLA 180 CDI with 109 hp; the 211 hp CLA 250 will serve as range-topper until the all-wheel-drive CLA 45 AMG sports model boasting over 340 hp is celebrating the world premiere next year entering summer.

Image Credits: Motor Authority, WorldCarFans, Autoevolution

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