by Adrian-Liviu Dorofte

Hoax or not: The new 2013 S-Class (W 222) might not come this year

While surfing on different automotive website and car enthusiat forums, an intriguing message particularly draw our attention. According to an internal source cited by a registered user from GermanCarForum, the all new generation of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class luxury flagship could be officially unveiled only next year at the Geneva Motor Show in March, which coincides with a preliminary release of press details and photos during February 2013.

As with the future SLC AMG, we are once dealing with another unconfirmed tie-up. At least in the S-Class case, evidency shows many arguments against this rumor. The car is already in its final development phase, and a lightly covered series model has already been spotted during the pre-launch photo shooting. Furthermore, this month, the usual 7-year cycle of most Mercedes-Benz models will be complete for the current W 221 series of the S-Class which has been out in the wild since 2005. If these are not enough, several prestigious online publications have already given July as a certain period for the arrival of the new S-Class  based on solid proof and clear indication, with the world premiere scheduled for the Paris motor show this autumn.

We tend to believe this is another of those hoaxes in automotive industry which are desperately trying to distract the attention from an all-so-important event. Given the all-time trendsetter S-Class is concerned, Mercedes-Benz could be right at blaming the competition for this stupid rumor, if company execs would ever take position in the case.

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