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PREVIEW: Future Mercedes-Benz GLK to be more dynamic and fun to drive

The present generation of the GLK-Class was specifically penned in a rugged, boxy shape in order to remember the public about its strong link to the classic G-Class. This approach, otherwise successful and unprecedented in the automotive industry, is about to change beginning with 2015, when a new of the GLK is slated to come into force. Early test mules have already been spotted doing some winter testing in Scandinavia at the start of this year.

The new styling language will be far more progressive and youthful, with the car gaining more presence and dynamism thanks to the sportier silhouette. Hardly any edge, but lots of curves and intricate pieces of modern design will compose the looks of the new GLK, which is also expected to grow in size, at least by 5-10 cm in length (to make room for the future GLA compact crossover), and thus be more spacious inside. However, the new X 205 will not be taller compared to the current X 204 series; in fact, it could well be smaller than it is today because of the general shape of the body, which is rumored to be pretty similar to that of a coupe model.

The new GLK will sit on Merc's brand new rear-wheel-driven technical platform entitled MRA, which will be officially premiered on the forthcoming S-Class and then spreaded across the entire lineup and shall also be used by the upcoming C-Class models (W/S/C 205). However, the SUV will get the modified, 4x4 version of this chassis, with the basic model being the only GLK to feature RWD as standard equipment. The latest generation of the mult-awarded 4MATIC traction system will be available for the X 205, benefiting from the 4ETS electronic AWD management system and further technologies that aim to improve the on-road behaviour, the overall dynamical capabilities and deliver sensational performances in off-road conditions.

Most of the powerplants the new GLK will feature are updated variants of the existing engines. Each and every unit in the range will be fitted with BlueEFFICIENCY technology in order to achieve competitive values for fuel economy and CO2 emission levels. Most probably, there will be more diesel choices, but certainly more than one petrol variants as well. BlueTEC is also a possibility and rumors state a hybrid version could also be considered and destined to appear towards 2016 or 2017. The high-end model, the GLK 350, will boast around 350 hp produced by the 3.5-litre BlueDIRECT V6 engine. No plans for an AMG variant of the mid-sized SUV have been divulged so far, but there's a slight chance we see a top performance GLK with near 400 hp through 2017.

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