by Adrian-Liviu Dorofte

REPORT: Mercedes-Benz hands the V12 business over to Mercedes-AMG GmbH

In a world dominated by an on-going, ever-present economical crisis that began at the end of 2008, the plans of automotive companies are continuously changing. Mercedes-Benz makes no exception, as in the last 3-4 years, there have been enough rumors stating that the German carmaker took the difficult decision of axing any future V12 model from the lineup, with the remaining ones being kept until their lifecycle would run over.

The prospect was visibly cloudy before Mercedes-Benz came up with the brand new S 65 AMG in 2009 and the CL 65 AMG a year later, and now in 2012 with the all new generation of the SL 65 AMG and the unexpected G 65 AMG. Out of the blue, the situation changed radically in favour of retaining the V12 choices in the model portfolio. Moreso, since this year began, there have appeared several, scattered reports on future 12-cylinder engine powered cars that would carry the Star logo. The rumors quickly shaped up nicely into definite possibilities after it was found out Mercedes-Benz would replace the Maybach brand with several upscale variants of the forthcoming S-Class (W 222), including the S 600 Pullman extended wheelbase premium limousine.

Days ago, it was found out that Mercedes-AMG will take over the V12 job from Mercedes-Benz. This is a strategic and fruitful decision, as the Affalterbach company has the necessary expertise in this field and a long experience in casting out one of the most refined 12-cylinder petrol powerplants in the automotive industry, like the current 6.0 litre version in its two basic form: the M275 with 612 hp and the upgraded M279 with revised engine technology and 630 hp.

For the future models displaying "600" badge, AMG will develop a brand new unit, with a smaller output than the M279, but most certainly high-end performance and efficiency superior to the current 5.5-litre V12 with 517 hp. For its own branded "65" variants, the firm will probably use a massively tweaked and thoroughly updated M279 engine, which should enable them to reach a top value of 650 hp and more than 1,000 Nm of maximum torque. The new Mercedes-Benz models equipped with V12 power from Mercedes-AMG will be officially released starting with 2014. A long waiting, we'd be tempted to say, but it will certainly be for good. Stay tuned to Mercedes-Benz-Blog to find out the latest on this issue!

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