by Adrian-Liviu Dorofte

REPORT: Mercedes-Benz supposedly readying two very different compact SUVs - the GLA and the GLG

This news is taken out from the speculations' bin and was released on the market by the German automotive magazine Autobild, that allegedly has information Mercedes-Benz will offer two compact SUVs developed on the MFA platform. The first to come out is the GLA-Class, arriving in 2014, and the latter one is the GLG, which looks to be a tribute to the G-Class in terms of styling.

Mercedes-Benz will enter the segment of premium compact SUVs/crossovers when it launches the eagerly anticipated GLA-Class model. A logical addition to the ever expanding A-Class/B-Class portfolio, this vehicle will target BMW X1 and Audi Q3 and be offered in either front-drive or 4x4 configuration. The GLA will sport company's frugal 4-cylinder engines already in use the MPV and hatchback cars the Germans have already released. If we are to believe rumors, chances are a hardcore GLA 45 AMG rolls off the Affalterbach labs. With almost 350 hp, it would certainly be an unbeatable and one-of-a-kind proposition in the SUV market.

What we find rather intriguing is the rumor we mentioned above. The GLG derives from the GLA and is a very interesting, retro-styled niche vehicle that aims to capture the minds of enthusiast with the help of a fashionable, rough, boxy exterior that, in every sense, harks back to the rich heritage the iconic G-Class created at Mercedes-Benz. To put it straight, this is a baby G that should also have some off-road abilities. While we find this daring, it is still hard to believe the German carmaker will ever build such a variant of the GLA, even though it could turn out to be a hit among buyers. If the GLG sees the light of day eventually, it won't do it before 2016.

If the plans Mercedes-Benz has to construct a consistent fleet of niche vehicles are greenlighted in their actual form, it means the Stuttgart-based constructor will then have the largest offering of crossovers and SUVs in the premium segment. Imagine: G, GL, GLK, M, E-Class Van to replace the R-Class, GLA, GLG, GLC, MLC and C-Class Van. Quite a lot of letters, a bit of an overcrowded list, but rather individualized and self-assured vehicles to suit all tastes. Until we know anything for sure, we invite you to take a look through the next CGIs of the announced, future GLA we found across the internet. Enjoy!

Image Credits: Autobild / Autozeitung

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