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Advertorial: London’s Little Accommodation Secret

Guest Article by Purvi Gupta

As viewers of the recent Olympic and Jubilee spectacles will surely now be well aware, London is the perfect destination for a holiday visit. With so much to see and do, London has long been one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, and with the whole city currently experiencing unprecedented levels of feel good factor, there’s never been a better time to come and visit the nation’s capital.

Unfortunately, hoteliers are just as aware of this fact as visitors are, and consequently prices for hotel rooms in the city have also reached unprecedented levels in terms of cost. However, this fact doesn’t need to be a deterrent to visitors, as there is one way of staying in the city that is both luxurious and cost effective.

There are a growing number of serviced apartments now available in London for both short and long term rental, and they offer significant benefits over hotels for holiday makers visiting the city. For groups of visitors renting holiday apartments London can enable them to make massive financial savings. While hotels operate a policy of no more than two people in a room, it’s possible to rent an apartment that can comfortably sleep a group of almost any size. This means that the price per person per night is drastically lower than it would be in a hotel, and it’s possible for holiday makers to save thousands of pounds in accommodation costs over the course of a visit. It’s also the case that the nightly rate of an apartment is reduced the longer it is booked for.

Whilst the financial benefits of renting a holiday apartment in London are obvious, there are also some less obvious benefits to the process too. For one thing, serviced apartments tend to be on average between three and five times larger than hotel rooms, so guests can enjoy a much better quality of life during their stay. This extra space creates a much greater sense that guests are living in a city rather than just visiting it, and also makes time spent indoors much more pleasant. Indeed, in a holiday apartment it’s possible to have guests and entertain visitors, something that’s night on impossible in a poky hotel room.

Most rental apartments also come with contemporary fittings, fully equipped kitchens and all the latest modern conveniences like flat screen TVs and broadband connections, so they’re enjoyable places to spend time cooking or working. Apartments also offer visitors increased levels of privacy, as there are no fellow guests or hotel staff to disturb them, and no curfews or timetables to adhere to.

There are holiday apartments available to rent all over the city of London, but potential visitors should try and avoid renting from private landlords as things can become very difficult to sort out if problems arise. It’s a much better idea to book an apartment through a recognised company (Your Space Apartments are particularly good) as they’ll be able to offer a much better level of service, and usually far more competitive rates.

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