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Advertorial: Personalize Your Mercedes

Guest Article by Maria Hammel

When you buy your Mercedes, you buy a car that fits your needs. You buy the color you want, the style of car you want, and the kind of options you want. But there is one more thing you can do to make the car your own. You can add a license plate frame that fits your personality.

Adding a license plate frame is easy. All you need is a torque screwdriver and your choice of license frame. Use the torque screwdriver to remove the screws already attached to the license plate frame that was likely provided by the dealership when you bought your Mercedes.

Choosing a license plate frame can reveal interesting things about your personality. Maybe you are sports fan, and you want a frame that cheers on your favorite team. You may choose a frame from your current school or your alma mater. Or maybe you can choose a frame that helps support something that is important to you, such as breast cancer awareness, or rescuing homeless dogs and cats. It’s a great way to help share your views while sharing the road.

The nicest part of using a license plate frame is that you can display what you want, without having to attach a bumper sticker or magnet to your car. That will help protect the paint and overall integrity of the car. It certainly helps preserve resale value because not everyone wants a bumper sticker, or at least the bumper sticker you have, on a car.

The license plate frame is also a great way to express your personality, while making it easy to change your mind. You can change the frame for each sports season. You can change it periodically to give equal time to each of your frames that contains a message that is important to you. Choosing a frame to express your personality is also cheaper and easier than changing a vanity plate that might also reflect your personality.

Choosing a license plate frame will make your Mercedes even more yours by letting everyone know something about the driver. Enjoy your Mercedes, and the added benefit of making it a little more personal.

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