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Daimler Financial Services AG names Zurich Insurance Group "Insurer of the Year"

Daimler Financial Services AG has named Zurich Insurance Group the “2011 Insurer of the Year” in the automotive segment. This is the second time Daimler Financial Services has presented the award. The company selected Zurich Insurance Group to receive the award because of its outstanding solutions for the auto insurance sector. “Our award is designed to promote competition among our strategic partners in the insurance industry and to honor excellent performance,” said Hanns Martin Schindewolf, CEO and Chairman of Daimler Insurance Services GmbH, during the award ceremony in Zurich on Friday. “Zurich Insurance Group proved to be a truly outstanding partner last year.” The premium volume of automobile-related insurance policies managed by Zurich and sold by Daimler rose by 58 percent to €90 million in 2011. Zurich also distinguished itself through a high level of reliability, an extensive focus on service, and exceptional innovative capability.

Automobile-related insurance remains a strategic growth sector for Daimler Financial Services. “Every driver needs insurance - and we want to make automotive insurance with the star a standard feature of Daimler vehicles,” said Schindewolf.

Auto insurance policies brokered by Daimler offer numerous advantages to customers, who can conveniently sign up for the policies they need right at the dealership. Customers also benefit from the exclusive terms that can only be obtained through cooperation between vehicle manufacturers and insurance companies. Daimler’s partnership with Zurich makes it possible to offer more favorable premiums to customers who opt for vehicles with extensive safety systems. Customers can also enjoy the feeling of security that comes with knowing that if their vehicle is damaged, it will be repaired at an authorized Mercedes-Benz service center that uses only genuine parts. Among other things, this ensures that the car will retain a higher value. In addition, customers are usually issued a Mercedes-Benz replacement vehicle while their car is being repaired. Zurich and Daimler are constantly working together to further improve the brand experience.

Cooperation with Daimler benefits the insurance sector as well. “Zurich’s partnership with Daimler allows us to approach customers right at the dealership and explain to them the various advantages and details of our policies,” said Thomas Hürlimann, CEO Global Corporate at Zurich Insurance Group, during the award ceremony. “We can also develop special offers with Daimler that would not be possible without close cooperation with an automaker. We’re very pleased to be honored with this award - but we also view it as an incentive to continue growing with Daimler in the sector for automobile-related insurance, and to jointly develop new innovative products and services.”

Daimler Financial Services currently cooperates with about a dozen strategic partners in the area of auto insurance. The company is already working with Zurich in 14 countries. Daimler Financial Services sold more than 500,000 automobile-related insurance policies in the first half of 2012, which marked an all-time high for the company.

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