by Adrian-Liviu Dorofte

F1 Gossip: Is Lewis Hamilton really shifting to MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS from 2013?

Speculation upon Hamilton's future in F1 rose intensively amid the Italian GP held this weekend at Monza. Latest rumors suggest that the McLaren-Mercedes driver has already reached a principle agreement with the Mercedes-Benz works team for a multi-annual contract starting from the 2013 season.

As always, enthusiasm might be tempted to rise unexpectedly, but you have to keep your mind cold and judge responsively. It is pretty early to comment such gossips, as both Michael Schumacher and his current team through the voices of Ross Brawn and Norbert Haug have denied each and every information regarding the continuation or the resignation of the former world champion from the F1 competition beginning with next year. The two parts have resumed to simply declare that a final decision is yet to be made and that nothing will be certain until the end of this season, when an official statement is to be issued to the public.

Returning to the Briton, it is well known his relationship with the Woking-based team is very tensed at the moment. The situation only got worse when Lewis revealed some secret technical agreements and strategies from inside on his Twitter account last week, during the Belgian Grand Prix. Everyone pointed the finger to him, including Jenson Button, who declared himself dissapointed and blamed Hamilton for his rather childish actions.

On the other hand, the 2008 champion has fallen into isolation since Button joined McLaren-Mercedes in 2010. Once pampered, he now had to compete to be visible with a team mate with much more charisma and whose popularity was growing fast. All that pressure and the lack of results, linked to major defects in the construction of the most recent single-seaters which failed to perform in a constant manner across an entire season, are the arguments that made Lewis think twice if he will continue with McLaren in 2013 or the two will just have to part ways.

Obviously, when discussing about the future of a Formula 1 driver, money is the most important part and the most solid basis on which decisions are being taken. Probably, Hamilton would like to receive more liquidities from McLaren as salary. This rumor, if true, shall be the Briton's way to play tough during the negociation as it is well known MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS invests high amounts of money in the activity, is in desperate need for better results and would pay a good driver like him more than the Brits are capable of and willing to. Even though Michael Schumacher would eventually continue at the Silver Arrows team in 2013 as well and Lewis Hamilton joines it, a decent solution could somehow be reached. But one has to take into consideration Nico Rosberg has already renewed its contract and shall compete for Mercedes-Benz after 2012 as well. This configuration already raises the challenge one step further.

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