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Fuel Efficient Mercedes-Benz: No Longer a Contradiction in Terms

Guest Article by Jack Payton*

If you are thinking about joining the exclusive Mercedes-Benz club, there are probably a couple of automotive criteria at the top of your list, namely world-class performance and extraordinary luxury and comfort.

Mercedes Benz has traditionally been less heralded for its fuel economy, but with the automotive marketplace changing and buyers demanding more in the way of fuel efficiency, Daimler has recently made the decision to jump into the “green driving” market with both feet – without sacrificing performance or luxury.

If this sounds like the best of both worlds – you’re right, it is! And while Mercedes Benz has taken some negative press for lagging behind the competition with regards to fuel efficiency, the vast majority of that criticism has now been muted by Mercedes Benz’ recent green car innovations.

Or, as Daimler CEO DeiterZetsche recently said: “If you are going to arrive a bit late to the dinner party, be sure you bring the best wine.”

Mercedes Benz may have been fashionably late to the green car gathering, but they’ve finally delivered the goods that will keep partygoers captivated for the duration.

Below, I will highlight three recent releases that affirm Mercedes Benz’ commitment to fuel economy and sustainable driving:

1. Mercedes Benz ML 350 Bluetec

With their 2013 M-Class editions, Mercedes Benz has perfected their innovative BlueEFFECIENCY scheme, which increases fuel efficiency and decreases emissions through a series of basic design modifications.

Specifically, the Mercedes Benz ML 350 Bluetec has been hailed as one of the greenest highway SUVs on the market, offering EPA estimated 20 miles per gallon in the city and 27 on the highway.

The ML 350 Bluetec is literally in a class of its own, as no other luxury manufacturer has yet perfected the clean diesel technology that Mercedes Benz offers in this model – while at the same time offering incredible performance for any vehicle that dares call itself “green”.

2. Mercedes Benz E 400 Hybrid

Moving down the road in a Mercedes Benz in a vehicle that is consuming absolutely no gasoline is now a possibility, as the 2013 E400 Hybrid can go for up to a mile at speeds of up to 35 miles per hour without even firing the gas engine.

And once the gas motor does engage, you’ll be getting as much as 30-35 miles per gallon in a vehicle that is still capable of going from 0 to 60 in 6.7 seconds.

This marriage between performance and efficiency is possible thanks to Mercedes’ hybrid technology, which combines a 275-horsepower, 3.5 liter V-6, with an electric motor.

3. 2013 Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG

The latest entry to the legendary G-class series that first started in 1990 has a few new things to offer consumers – particularly those interested in fuel economy.

While Mercedes Benz has introduced changes to the G-Series very gradually – after all it’s difficult to tinker with perfection – but the 2013 model offers something beyond class, style and incredible off-road prowess.

Thanks to a fascinating technological innovation, the 2013 AMG now performs 13% better in gas mileage and enables drivers to utilize a patented ECO stop/start function that allows them to choose to optimize fuel efficiency over performance or vice versa, depending on the situation.


* Jack Payton is a car nut in the purest form. He loves to write about everything gear related, and rebuilt his first engine at 15. He works as the online publisher for the online tire retailer Tires Easy. In his spare time he enjoys cruising, attending car shows, and collecting vinyl.

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