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Is the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter the Right Choice?

Guest Article by Kathleen Hubert*

Mercedes-Benz is a name synonymous with quality and excellence. The company produces a wide range of personal and commercial vehicles. The Sprinter van is amongst Mercedes-Benz' most popular vehicles. The van first came on the market in 1995 and the van was introduced to the American market in 2001 and has served as a leader in the industry ever since.

Features of the Mercedes Sprinter that make it right for you

The Sprinter van by Mercedes-Benz is innovative in both its styles and functionality. The van is ideal for businesses and families. For businesses the Sprinter cargo van allows employees and equipment to be adequately and safely transported form one locale to another. Sprinter offers a cargo volume of 318 cubic feet to 547 cubic feet. Additionally, the size of the cargo bed length is between 128.5 inches and 185 inches depending on the model. The extensive cargo bed means there is plenty of room to transport materials. In addition as a safety measure, the Cargo van has a concealed cargo bed so that the cargo being carried is not obvious to onlookers.

Although the van is often used for businesses, families can also enjoy the vehicle. The Sprinter passenger van is ideal for larger families because it provides adequate seating and leg room. The van can seat up to 12 passengers and provides horse power of 188. The passenger van offers safety and unparalleled technology.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van is the recipient of several awards including the 12 Best Fleet Value in America™ awards. This award is unique in that it measures both ownership and mileage scenarios to assist in evaluating the value of a vehicle. The results of the reward indicate that the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter has excellent fuel economy, low repair and insurance cost and residual value. All of these factors are of great importance when purchasing a vehicle as an investment.

Who should purchase the Sprinter?

The Sprinter Van by Mercedes-Benz is an ideal solution for any business or family that needs to transport cargo or people. The van is safe and large providing more seating for passengers than most vans on the market. Although the Sprinter cargo and passenger vans cost substantially more than many other vans on the market, the Mercedes-Benz brand is unsurpassed in its reputation for offering good quality vehicles. Purchasing such a vehicle can be a sound investment if it meets the needs of a company or a family. Financing is available for those who qualify and monthly payments can be reasonable.

In short, the Sprinter is best for anyone looking for safe, reliable transportation that will hold its value over time. The van is currently one of the most popular vehicles that Mercedes-Benz produces. This popularity will likely continue to grow in the future, making the Sprinter a sound investment.

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