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SPY: The 2013 Mercedes-Benz S-Class & S 63 AMG (W 222) - latest dose of scoops

Full throttle for the development of the new generation of the S-Class, as the luxury flagship from Stuttgart will be finally unveiled in around six months from now, prior to the Geneva Motor Show 2013. The camouflaged vehicles undergo serial tests in various locations in the world, like the Arizona Desert and New York City in the USA, Germany on the Nurburgring track or in the crowded city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. The most recent set of spy shots also offers an intricate glimpse over the revolutionary interior architecture of the W 222.

The all new S-Class will the most radical and technically advanced Mercedes-Benz of all times, and of course, the best car in the automotive industry. While the exterior will feature a classic, artistic and progressive styling, the interior will be a revolution. Everything inside the W 222 has been carefully reorganized to offer increased functionality and ease of access, together with the all so present, characteristic premium atmosphere.

The instrument cluster will be entirely digital and, together with the wide LCD screen for the @yourCOMAND infotainment, will deliver a sensational experience for the occupants of the new S-Class. The luxury limousine will always stay connected and up-to-date thanks to the latest generation of internet technology it will showcase. Integrated access to social profiles and websites across the WWW, traffic alerts, improved communication means and the intelligent management of each and every function of the car will further enrich the ride with the future S-Class.

The clean look of the center console comes with the price of the removal of most quick-access buttons and controls and the re-arrangement of those around the rotary knob that permits the driver and passenger to enter the menu of the @yourCOMAND system, placed in front of the armrests at front and at rear. This manouevre has left more room for further artsy gimmicks, like the quad air vents in fine metal, the central clock and the large slab of wood going from left to right.

The new S-Class will boast, among other state-of-the-art features, a full 360-degree surveillance camera system, an Active Park Assist which will always find the perfect spot for your car to rest and take control over it to slot in there, an improved Night Vision assistant based infra-red and person-recognition technology, the Braking Bag and the Beltbag rear seat-belt placed airbags. The comfortable yet dynamic on-road behaviour will be further refined with the addition of the MAGIC RIDE CONTROL active damping system, based on radar sensors which scan the road ahead and act in consequence, and the MAGIC BODY CONTROL, in fact the next generation of the Active Body Control which now combines new functions, such as the Torque Vectoring Brake and Crosswind Stabilization, to offer added security and stability while the car is in motion. Moreover, the forthcoming S-Class will be equipped with an Autonomous Driving Pilot (based also on the latest generation DISTRONIC PLUS) and the useful Collision Prevention Assist accident-mitigating system (that debuted on the new B-Class).

As you happen to already know, the S-Class lineup will be constantly extended with new body variants, to make up for the discontinuation of Maybach models. After the SWB version is introduced next year, the LWB "XL" model will be unveiled towards 2014. Later on, the new 2-door coupe and the extended-wheelbase high-luxury limousine wearing the Pullman title will be introduced. By 2015 and 2016, the S-Class will also grow by two niche vehicles: a cabriolet and a 4-door coupe.

The all new Mercedes-Benz Rearwheel Architecture dynamic technical platform (MRA), mated to the newly developed 9-speed automatic gearbox (9G-TRONIC) and the frugally powerful diesel and petrol powerplants, will ensure a perfect symbiosis for a supreme journey aboard the S-Class. To achieve unbeatable values for fuel economy and CO2 emissions, the engines have been subjected to rigorous modifications and updates destined to deliver an efficient functioning through a set of dedicated BlueEFFICIENCY solutions. While the range-topping variants will get only "V" engines, the versions at the bottom of the lineup will be equipped with 4I engines, which are visibly intended to save more money for your budget. CAMTRONIC, high-precision direct injection and twin-turbocharging are just a few of the many technologies used in the BlueDIRECT engines to make sure the S-Class won't visit too many filling station and won't contribute to the alarming global warming.

Until the new straight-six units arrive in late 2014, the choice will consist of 4I, V6, V8 and, later on, V12. The future S 350 will develop around 340 hp, while the new S 500 will be rated at 450 hp, at least. The S 63 AMG superlimousine comes next year and will feature 5.5-litre V8 BITURBO powerplant cranking out 571 hp. The year after will see the introduction of the new S-Class V12 fleet, comprising the 600 variant, with 550-560 hp, and the S 65 AMG with approximately 650 hp or more. As previously mentioned in one of our articles, the AMG division will be the sole responsible for mastering the future V12 engines of Mercedes-Benz (read more HERE).

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