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SPY: The 2013 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG E-CELL scooped before official Paris launch

This car has been rumored since the launch of the SLS AMG modern Gullwing model in September 2009, at the IAA Frankfurt. Now, after three years, the series-produced, all-electric supercar will become reality as the new SLS AMG E-CELL will bow on the stage of the Paris motor show in less than two weeks.

Previewed in the form near-series concept car in 2010, the street-legal E-CELL variant of the SLS supercar features an innovative architecture with four wheel hub electric motors, that produce a combined output of 392 kW or 532 hp. Practically, due to this lightweight arrangement also favoured by the extensive use carbon fibre at the construction of the chassis, you can say this is the first SLS AMG to display all-wheel-drive which promises great stability and extra grip. Each electric motor revvs up at a maximum 12,000 rpm and the outstanding torque of 880 Nm is instantly available from the moment you press the gas pedal. The acceleration from a standstill up to 100 km/h takes just 4 seconds, which is near the value the version equipped with internal combustion is capable of achieving. Last, but not least, the new SLS AMG E-CELL will have an overall autonomy of near 200 km when used at full performance.

The new pure-electric supercar from Affalterbach will be easily recognized through the E-CELL moniker placed near the side air vents on the front wings. We hope Mercedes-AMG will also introduce a series of special, customized combos including new electrifying exterior colours like yellow (seen on the concept car), orange, green, red etc., as well as new alloy wheels with sport design and impressive leather upholstery/dashboard trim choices to suit the "green" side of the car. Market launch is scheduled for late 2012, at a starting price soon-to-be communicated officially. We guess it will cost at least some good thousands of euro above the standard SLS AMG models equipped with the 6.2-litre V8 unit.

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The German car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz has always maintained and represented a profile of both quality and superior engineering over many other car brands around the world. In these current uncertain economic times you would be right to think that the prestigious luxury car market is in a state of decline, when in reality quite the opposite is taking place.


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