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SPY: First shots revealing the dashboard of the 2013 Mercedes-Benz E-Class FL (W/S 212)

Mercedes-Benz will release the first details and photos of its new, restyled 2013 model year E-Class range (W/S 212) by mid-December, with the official premiere due to take place in January at the Detroit Motor Show. Although we are talking about a car that gets a refreshment in the middle of its programmed lifespan, the business models of the German carmaker will receive multiple upgrades, both in the design and technology departments. While the E-Class Facelift will not entirely be a revolution, it will definitely be a very attractive choice in the premium segment where it belongs to.

During this time, engineers continue the hard work at finishing the 2013 E-Class series with various testing sessions held all across the globe. The last scoops have recently been captured on the Nurburgring circuit in Germany, when a heavily camouflaged S 212 T-Modell prototype was spotted by the watchful automotive photographers.

In a previous article (see HERE), we have discussed about the exterior looks of the new-generation E-Class, so we will not insist on this part, but rather focus on the interior, as the first-ever shots that reveal the dashboard of the model have emerged on the internet lately. Even though the photos lack quality due to some inherent darkness the heavy cladding, we can decide upon several visible arguments.

The current specification of the E-Class proposes a rough, very cold approach to premium styling when we look at the dashboard. Inspired from the 124 generation, the 212 series has been a true a remake of the automotive icon of the late '80s. However, an update is always welcome and the facelift version will display a reworked interior. The dashboard has been functionally improved with new commands and controls and will boast a styling similar to that of the CLS. Softer, rounder lines instead of the squares and angles you've been familiar with, a new multi-functional steering wheel, as well as a new instrument cluster, a bigger and more lightful LCD display for the COMAND Online infotainment assistant and a revised center console are expected. Moreso, the 2013 E-Class FL will share the air vents and the central clock with the luxury 4-door coupe. For a refined atmosphere, the quality of materials and components used for the interior has been radically improved. A rich list of personalization choices will wait for the clients to choose the configuration that best suites their tastes: Nappa, Alcantara, ARTICO leather upholstery in various tones; walnut, oak, ash tree wood or aluminium trims; plus the dedicated designo customization programme.

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