by Adrian-Liviu Dorofte

SPY: Take a closer look at the future 2013 Mercedes-Benz S 63 AMG (W 222)

If you were still undecided about the future S-Class, at least in terms of exterior looks, now you the right spy shots to see this luxury limousine really displays an impressive stance even when camouflaged in black tape. And if the model is the S 63 AMG, the situation becomes even juicier. If we were in that petrol station, we could barely resist the temptation of peeling off the extra cladding and reveal the beautiful, artistic shapes hiding underneath.

Moreso, we would like to thank the photographers for taking this pictures, as they enable us to do a detailed inspection of the S-Class, with the camera just a few centimeters away from the car. The most striking visual features will likely be the uniquely shaped headlights and tail lights, defined by elegant lines and mindblowing inner graphics made up of lots of brimming LEDs, the new radiator grille, which is set to deliver a spectacular, breathtaking impression to the front fascia, and the superbly penned profile, with its dropping line and clean surface. The other equipments, such as the aprons and the alloy wheels in their new designs, will evenly complete what is to be world's best automobile when revealed.

It has just come to our ears that Merc's Chinese execs are pressing the officials from Stuttgart to move the global presentation of the forthcoming S-Class (W 222) from Geneva Motor Show in March 2013 (as reports have indicated in the last period) to Auto Shanghai one month later in April. Main arguments for this request are the increased visibility of the event and the importance and potential the Chinese market has in the sustainable growth of the Mercedes-Benz brand and Daimler AG nonetheless, with the eagerly awaited S-Class being a strong, solid link in the entire chain. However, we feel the answer will not be affirmative and the new luxury flagship from the Three-Pointed Star will be officially unveiled on European soil as initially scheduled.

Image Credits: Carscoop

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