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PREVIEW: New insight into AMG's future rocket models - SLS AMG Black Series & Co.

The Mercedes-AMG GmbH division is in charge of turning Mercedes-Benz standard vehicles into fully equipped athletes. The extension of the current portfolio with new additions is one of the main parts of the AMG Performance 2015 growth strategy that was implemented back in 2010. We hear the German firm headquartered in Affalterbach has some pretty hot stuff hidden in the pipeline and ready to bow in the near future. Find out more in the next paragraphs.

The first of the series is the new SLS AMG Black Series, the sixth of its kind since the limited edition series was launched in 2005. The car comes packed with the naturally aspirated V8 with 6,208 cubic centimeters, which now pumps out no less than 630 hp, according to latest information. In fact, the new SLS AMG Black Series is a street-legal replica of the SLS AMG GT3 racing model which will be assembled in more than 100 units compared to the recently launched "45th ANNIVERSARY" collectors' model, available in just 5 units. Expect a widebody kit, numerous aerodynamic profiles and air intakes for effective cooling of the braking system and engine, as well as a minimal package of comfort equipments. Substantial use of aluminium, carbon fibre, magnesium and other light-mass compounds, in addition to stripping off any unnecessary gadgets, will definitely improve the kerb weight and the dynamic performance of the beast. Look for the new SLS AMG Black Series to make its first public appearance next month, at the Los Angeles Motor Show 2012 (30th November to 9th December).

Next on the list is the new A 45 AMG compact sports hatch. Specially for this model, engineers have developed a dynamic 4x4 platform based on the 4MATIC traction system. The new underpinnings are required to enhance ride, stability, handling and safety. New is the 4-cylinder engine under the bonnet as well: no less than 350 hp and over 400 Nm are the anticipated values for the 2.0-litre turbocharged powerplant. The impressive output will be transferred to the four wheels through a double-clutch 7-speed sequential gearbox in a variable front-to-rear ratio depending on the tractive circumstance. The new A 45 AMG will also be fitted with the latest technology that has already debuted on several other models prepared in Affalterbach. We anticipate the world premiere will take place next year, at the Geneva Motor Show 2013. Soon after, in mid-summer, Mercedes-Benz will also showcase their new CLA 45 AMG performance four-door coupe, featuring an identical technical package.

Continuing the wave of new models is the revised E 63 AMG lineup. For the first time in the history of the E-Class, the subsequent sports model will be standardly equipped with a completely new all-wheel-drive system, which aims to deliver more driving sensation, better predictability and extra security. This major shift from the rear-driven platform to the 4x4 traction is a must as the output of the 5.5-litre V8 with biturbocharging will be increased from 525 to 557 hp. Moreover, the sporty character will also be highlighted thanks to the new visual identity, which brings along an all new Star grille with distinctive twin-blade design. The new-generation Mercedes-Benz E 63 AMG models (W 212) will celebrate their debut next year, during spring, at the New York Motor Show in April.

The future 2015 Mercedes-Benz C 63 AMG (W 205) is next on our list. Even though details are scarce at the moment and the test prototypes have just hit streets some days ago, a few hints have surfaced from somewhere inside the factory. It looks that Mercedes-AMG is already developing a brand new 4.0-litre 8-cylinder unit to power the next generation of its C 63 AMG. Featuring state-of-the-art technologies for reduced fuel consumption and low CO2 emission figures, the direct-injection, turbocharged, gasoline powerplant could easily crank out at least 470 hp and more than 650 Nm. Moreso, given the latest trend, the future C 63 AMG might also use 4x4 instead rear-wheel-drive. Last, but not least: although yet to be confirmed, the designation of the new model could change to C 55 AMG. Official reveal is scheduled for late 2014.

Last, but not least, the sub-SLS supercar saga sees a new chapter, as new information confirms the 2015 SLC AMG will eventually be built. Mercedes-Benz have reconsidered plans amid the challenging market situation and found the introduction of a more accessible, mid-sized supermodel as a positive sign for a strong growth of the AMG division, which would add up to the financial performance of the entire company. Most probably, the new SLC AMG will arrive by 2015 and sport a more dynamic, yet conventional design. No more gullwing doors, an aluminium spaceframe for ensuring a lightweight body, several new assistance systems and a new engine with around 400 hp of peak output are the arguments the "Porsche 911 killer" has in order to beat the legendary rival from Zuffenhausen.

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