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SPY: First sighting of the future 2015 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Cabriolet (A 217)

Because Maybach has already bitten the dust, Mercedes-Benz is now left with an empty slot in the upper segment of the premium range that needs to be filled up with some new vehicles. The chosen solution is to expand the future S-Class lineup with several attractive, upscale niche variants. Besides the 2-door coupe, the Pullman extended wheelbase limousine and an all new four-door coupe, the portfolio of the future 222/217 model series will also include the first S-Class Cabriolet model in history, scheduled to bow towards 2015.

The first spy pics were captured in Germany and showcase a heavily camouflaged test prototype. From what we can see, Merc stylists have penned a very distinctive, sleek alure for the future S-Class Cabriolet. The body seems to have a very coherent, evenly flowing and elegant shape, highly suitable for a luxury open-top. The aerodynamic silhouette will be further enriched by the progressive design philosophy the new model will display. The latest concepts and sculptures Mercedes-Benz has revealed at various motor show in the recent years will serve as inspiration. A teasing concept car could also be premiered in 2014, in advance of the unveiling of the convertible S-Class.

The new S-Class Cabriolet, internally dubbed A 217, will feature a classic fabric roof to help save precious weight and also contribute to the balanced design. The open-top should also come equipped with AIRSCARF and AIRCAP, to contribute to a warm and comfortable ride with the roof down. Inside, an unprecedented level of quality is expected. The ultimate technologies, borrowed from the new S-Class, are to be found on the cabrio as well.

A new generation S-Class Coupe (C 217), replacing the current CL-Class, is also expected to appear by 2014, so the first prototypes could soon start hitting German streets. Apart from the fixed roof, the two-door will resemble the cabriolet in terms of exterior and interior design. Both S-Class models will use only high-end petrol variants in the form of V8 and V12 units, both standard and AMG. Thus, the peak output figures will basically range between 450 hp and 630 hp.

More inside details on the 2015 S-Class Cabriolet might leak at any time - stay tuned to Mercedes-Benz-Blog to be the first to know!

Image Credits: WorldCarFans / Autoevolution

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