by Adrian-Liviu Dorofte

Entering the cold season with Mercedes-Benz: Tackling winter safely and comfortably

With the right equipment, winter need not be quite so daunting for drivers. Quite the contrary in fact – in a vehicle fitted with good tyres and the appropriate accessories, you can relax and start to enjoy the joys of winter and a variety of winter sports. And to help you on your way, Mercedes-Benz Accessories GmbH and Mercedes-Benz sales partners offer a whole host of appropriate, tailor-made equipment for drivers of all of the company's vehicles.

Helping you to reach your destination: when the going gets really tough in winter, snow chains are often the only thing that can keep you on the move. And the fear which fitting these aids to traction once held for drivers has now long gone: fitted in just a few easy steps, chains can also enable you to tackle steep, snow-covered slopes. The Mercedes-Benz range includes appropriate solutions for all models dating back to the 1980s.

Safely getting to grips with the cold season: they are called winter tyres – but in fact they should be called cold tyres. This is because as soon as the temperature drops below 10 degrees Celsius, the rubber compounds used in winter tyres provide better grip than summer tyres. Furthermore, an increasing number of countries are making the use of winter tyres compulsory. Mercedes-Benz partners offer a range of complete winter wheels specially designed for different vehicle models. They are also able to take care of fitting as well as storage of wheels.

All aboard: whether you are into skiing, sledging or snowboarding, with roof racks and roof boxes individually tailored to fit all models you can transport all of your sports equipment safely and conveniently to your destination. All of the roof transport solutions are based on the roof carriers from the Alustyle series.

Neat solutions: glistening snow and brilliant sunshine – this is the perfect winter's day. But in between, filthy weather including slush or drizzle is often the order of the day. It is precisely in such adverse conditions that the genuine accessories from Mercedes-Benz are able to protect drivers and their vehicles against the dirt. And there are also storage systems to help maintain order in the boot.

Reaching the slopes quicker: getting you to your winter sports venue via the shortest route while avoiding traffic jams is something that advanced telematics solutions are able to offer. They are available for retrofitting to a number of Mercedes-Benz model series. And entertainment systems for the rear help to ensure that the kids enjoy the journey from the word go too.
For fashion-conscious après-ski fans: well-equipped both for the bitter cold and fun-packed mulled wine parties – the Mercedes-Benz Collection offers a variety of clothing and accessories for both men and women which are not only functional but also chic.

Mastering snow and ice with the confidence of a pro: black ice, emergency braking or sudden evasive manoeuvres on slippery surfaces – in critical situations in the winter it is crucial to keep a cool head and remain in full control of the vehicle. The winter training of the Mercedes-Benz Driving Events prepares drivers specifically for such situations and practices intuitive, skilful reaction at the wheel.

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