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PREVIEW: Daring Mercedes-Benz ENER-G-FORCE showcar could hint at future SUV direction

For the ninth time, the LA Auto Show starting at the end of November in the USA will be host of the famous Design Challenge competition, where talented stylists working for important automotive constructors are showcasing their outstanding ideas on the car of the future. This year's theme is: Highway Patrol Vehicle 2025.

Mercedes-Benz will take part in the event with the project that pictures the police patrolling SUV of 2025: the ENER-G-FORCE. The prototype does not exist solely on paper, but has also been transposed into a 1:1 model, that we look forward to see unveiled on the stage of the American salon alongside other major premieres.

We cannot simply label this as "just another concept". The ENER-G-FORCE concept car has been penned by a team of enthusiastic designers from the Advanced Design Center in California, led by Hubert Lee, a young and talented artist. Even though the styling of the car is crazy and will never make it to series production (at least, not in this form), we wonder if this otherwise mind-blowing study could signal future additions to the SUV lineup of Mercedes-Benz.

First of all, the general shape is rugged, but the modern interpretation also adds sort of harmony of interesting curves that blend very well with the whole architecture. The good ol' daddy G-Class served as inspiration, and you can sense that even in the name, which highlights the magical letter G. After 2015, when the current manufacturing contract with Magna-Steyr expires, there's a real possibility the G-Class could be discontinued from 2016 onwards. But, there are also chances the partnership is extended up to 2020 or, more or less fantastic, a worthy, modern successor, in fact a second generation G-Class, could come into force. The ENER-G-FORCE is looking to be a very attractive opportunity to begin with in the development of the next G-Class series.

Secondly, Mercedes-Benz wants to diversify its portfolio of compact niche models and rumors about a possible baby G-Class model coming in around two years have been appearing pretty often lately. If it ever sees the light of day, the GLG, because that's the rumored title for the car, will be developed on company's MFA platform and display a boxy, yet highly modern and appealing exterior design. Definitely, the anticipated GLG will be a car that aims to stand out of the crowd and have that all-so-desired "wow factor". And, last but not least, the young clients will be impressed by these attributes, because this is the main public this compact SUV is addressed to. As in the other, the ENER-G-FORCE could be a highly valuable resource for some crazy and dramatic design experiments that immediately impress when admired.

Look for further official details on the Mercedes-Benz ENER-G-FORCE in the next period while we approach the press days of the 2012 Los Angeles Motor Show. Stay tuned to to find out the hottest stuff on this topic!

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