by Adrian-Liviu Dorofte

PREVIEW: The future 2015 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe (C 217) artistically rendered

Mercedes-Benz has recently started the road testing phase of the forthcoming S-Class Cabriolet and along with it, as sources claim, the future S-Class Coupe. As overall proportions indicate, both 2-door S-Class models will sport a generous wheelbase and a very athletic silhouette. The philosophy, while remaining classic, will combine traditional styling elements well known for a true Mercedes-Benz model with a more progressive approach in certain areas such as the front end and the tail section.

The facial appearance, as suggested by the computer-generated image posted above (opera of Romanian designer Andrei Avarvarii), will be rather impressive. The large Star grille with a single chrome louvre and Diamond trim (for the high end AMG Sport versions), while not being pointed any more, will still dominate the whole architecture with its sharp details. The shape of the intelligent LED headlamps will be inspired from the latest showcars like the F 800 Style and F 125!, while the beautifully sculpted air intakes will further add to the cohesive design of the front fascia.

The sides of the C 217 will be a harmony of elegant lines, all so familiar for those accustomed with the Mercedes-Benz coupe vehicles. Despite the current trend, the future S-Class Coupe will not display a busy profile design; while still retaining a superior, dropping lines that extends towards the rear shoulder of the body, the finished result would be better characterized as clean and effective. The arched greenhouse, a motif seen on every 2-door version from the Stuttgart-based carmaker, will further enhance sheer luxury of the car.

The CGI does not present the rear end of the S-Class Coupe, but we can speculate that it will be identical to the one on the A 217 S-Class Cabriolet sibling. The muscular boot lid, visible in the first spy photos, will make the most of the back side, while the LED tail lights will be moved towards the extremities. A discrete wing, acting towards improving aerodynamic drag on the rear wheels, willbe evenly integrated into the whole design.

Image Source: Autobild

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Carmaker1 said...

Thank you for the article, but you are a little incorrect. The S-Class Coupe and Cabriolet started development a few years ago, NOT recently. You can't put a prototype into testing unless you've been developing a car for at least 2 years. You slightly confuse people with making that assumption as fact, otherwise great article.

Thank you very much for your comment. I was making reference to the release of the first road-ready test prototypes onto the streets. I have altered the initial phrase so as to not make further confusion about the general meaning.

From this angle the rear three-quarter has similarity with a Hyundai Genesis coupe. Mercedes needs to make its cars much more muscular and athletic, rather like a Bentley, if that is the segment they wish to compete in with the W222 generation cars. For this they need to have more upright grille and more presence.

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