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UNCOVERED: The all new Mercedes-Benz A 45 AMG reveals its secrets

Impressive performance without any compromise and at a bargain price - it sounds like an impossible dream to achieve. Not any longer, as the new A 45 AMG high performance hatch is exactly the car to meet these stringent demands. Set to celebrate the official premiere next year, in March, at the Geneva Motor Show, the baby-Benz prepped by the Affalterbach engineers will be available for sale beginning with April 2013, when the company starts taking the first orders from clients. Deliveries are slated to kick off by June.

The A 45 AMG, pictured here with minimal exterior camouflage, is an all new proposition coming from the German tuning house which is used to dealing with higher stakes like the S 63 AMG or the SL 65 AMG. This project has also raised several challenge for the AMG development team. The new A 45 AMG has thus received a brand new, turbocharged petrol engine featuring an overall displacement of 2,000 cubic centimeters. It delivers no less than exactly 354 hp of peak output and 450 Nm of maximum torque, mostly available from low rpm values. The high-end rotation speed of the powerplant reaches 6,200 rpm, while the top speed will no longer be electronically governed at 250 km/h, but go as far as 270 km/h, which is more than any other model produced in Affalterbach can achieve without the removal of the integrated limitator.

Sending all that outrageous power and torque to the front wheels would have a bad decision, as stability and handling were to be seriously and dangerously affected. The solution came with the implementation of a simple, yet effective 4x4 system, featuring a Haldex central differential and several tweaks for improved grip and an extra dose of riding fun. With these being said, the 354 hp are being transferred, in rear-biased ratio of 40%-60%, to the four wheels of the car with the help of AMG's 7-speed double-clutch automatic gearbox, which can also work on manual mode thanks to the installation of shifting padels behind the steering wheel.

The chassis has also been further modified, as a high-performance suspension and damping system was installed. The ride height has thus been lowered by 2.5 centimeters. The new A 45 AMG also gets a state-of-the-art high-grade effort braking system with piston-controlled callipers. The exhaust is also improved to deliver great sound and function effectively.

While the exterior will not be a total departure from the styling of the A 250 SPORT special model, the A 45 AMG will display some unique features such as the double exhausts, the discrete rear spoiler placed at the top of the windshield, an integrated aerodynamic diffuser at the back, the high-sheen, multi-spoke/sports 18- & 19-inch alloy wheels in true AMG style and, last, but not least, the iconic single-louvre radiator grille with twin-blade design.

A preview test session has already been carried out on the Papenburg track in Germany, under the watchful eye of AMG bosses Ola Kaellenius and Tobias Moers. When put to compete with the Audi RS 3, the A 45 AMG is reported to have simply blasted away its opponent due to its superior performance.

When the all new Mercedes-Benz A 45 AMG will be launched onto the market, the starting price could possibly not exceed 50,000 euros in Germany. We are also expecting further images and details to be released by Mercedes-AMG GmbH in the next period. Don't forget to check back Mercedes-Benz-Blog for the latest stuff on the forthcoming A 45 AMG!

Image Credits: Facebook | Mercedes AMG / Daimler AG

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