by Adrian-Liviu Dorofte

Mercedes-Benz-Blog celebrates 5th anniversary in 2012: Building sustainable success

On the 31st December 2012, Mercedes-Benz-Blog celebrates the fifth anniversary since the website was established as a competent Mercedes-Benz news resource back in 2007. With the passing of time, Mercedes-Benz-Blog enjoyed a constant growth, demonstrated by the select audience who chose it as their primary source for finding out the latest news about Mercedes-Benz.

By far, year 2012 was the most successful in the history of the website. Not only did the performance figures regarding web traffic double compared to 2011, but also the look of Mercedes-Benz-Blog got revamped in April this year. A fresh, user-friendly template contributed to the sustainable success Mercedes-Benz-Blog experienced in 2012.

Furthermore, the team of editors intensified the social networks' presence and visibility as a fundamental piece in the overall growth. Expanding in these areas proved to be a decisive and rewarding measure for the benefit of Mercedes-Benz-Blog and that of its fans, visitors, readers, contributors and partners.

Recently, the official Facebook page ( got improved - a mild, yet effective facelift along with a brand new identity for 2013. New interesting apps, for a better connection with the Youtube channel ( and the newly-created Pinterest page (, specifically designed to meet all demands, are now available on the Facebook fan page as well.

For the year that starts Tuesday, the prospects look highly optimistic. The recipe is already successful, but ensuring the best quality and offering that crucial element of individuality that distinguishes
Mercedes-Benz-Blog from other similar websites is the substantial essence of the future development.

In the mean time, I invite to stay tuned to Mercedes-Benz-Blog as new updates are released in the coming hours. A review of 2012 in terms of new additions to the Mercedes-Benz vehicle portfolio, as well as an agenda for 2013 - the main premieres of the next year in brief. Furthermore, you shall find more interesting news and photos on our official Facebook and Pinterest pages in a few hours. So, don't forget to check them out later! :)

In the end, I, Adrian-Liviu Dorofte, as Editor In-Chief, would like to thank everybody for your support and ensure you we will fight to maintain and strengthen Mercedes-Benz-Blog as a recognizable internet brand and a powerful publication dedicated to world's most famous automotive constructor: Mercedes-Benz.

We wish all our fans, visitors, partners and contributors a Happy New Year full of bright, sparkling ideas, brimming with success and cherished with happiness and prosperity!

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