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SPY: The future Mercedes-Benz C-Class family (205 series) goes testing in sunny Spain

Around spring 2014, Mercedes-Benz will release the first model under its new C-Class 205 series - the limousine. Street development began approximately one year ago, with various prototypes being spotted in Europe, near the Arctic Circle and in the United States. So far, we have dealt only with test vehicles for the sedan variant (W 205), but we feel the wagon (T-Modell) S 205 and the coupe C 205 will also be released in the wild in the next period. If rumors are true, then we should also see a camouflaged cabriolet prototype under the A 205 designation on the roads starting mid-2013.

The future C-Class portfolio will herald a revolutionary styling philosophy for the Stuttgart-based constructor, which will combine the traditional, classic inspirational lines of the proud Mercedes-Benz ancestors with a dynamic, progressive approach to create a mindblowing visual effect. Appearantly, test vehicles have lost some of the outer cladding and now some details can be clearly seen. All in all, when the body is looked at from the side, the reverse-wedge shape comes to light.

The front end is situated at a lower level than the trunk area, which adds up to elegant sportiness of the car. Moreover, the headlights, which might bare some inspiration to the F 800 Style, the longer grille and the new shape of the front air intakes are sure to deliver a powerful stance.

The shuttle will boast outstanding construction quality and new, softer materials that are also very attractive visually speaking. Foamy plastics, fine essence wood trims, metal and leather upholstery for multiple tastes make up the elements that will garnish the cabin of the new C-Class. The general architecture of the dashboard will use the A-Class as inspiration, but expect more exclusiveness and less passion as the W 205 is addressed to a different target group of clients.

The next generation C-Class will be a safe place to spend time in while travelling between A and B. Most of the breakthroughs the new S-Class (W 222) will premiere next year will be, in one way or another, transferred to the premium mid-class model. Car-2-X integrated communication system could be offered, as well as the revolutionary Collision Prevention Assist, the improved PRE-SAFE and the complete array of airbags for the best level of passive protection. The all new @yourCOMAND infotainment system will also be included in the equipment of the new C-Class.

A green revolution will happen beneath the engine hood. The 2014 C-Class will feature a consistent range of petrol and diesel powerplants, from 1.6 litres up to 5.5 litres in displacement. Hybrid variants are also from 2015 onwards. The new range-topping versions will be the C 400 BlueEFFICIENCY with 340 hp and the C 63 AMG (or C 55 AMG ??) with over 470 hp. It is rumored that AMG is currently developinga new V8, bi-turbocharged unit with a total displacement of 4.0 litres, but that is yet to be officially confirmed. Until everything gets clear, the future C-Class AMG model, scheduled for late 2014, could use the current 5.5-litre V8 BITURBO engine.

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