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Daimler AG infusing more cash for R&D activities

As part of the daring challenge to reach the summit of the premium automotive industry by the end of 2020, Daimler AG (through its Mercedes-Benz brand) has understood that the core of a sustainable development is the massive investment in R&D activities. Dr. Dieter Zetsche, head of the Daimler management board and boss of the Mercedes-Benz Cars division, together with Dr. Thomas Weber, leader of the R&D department, have set up a coherent plan to technologically enhance the forthcoming vehicle generations with an extensive package of systems and dedicated solutions to ease the life of the driver and passengers and make driving an even safer and more enjoyable experience.

The extensive research in key areas such as vehicle security, on-board telecommunication or efficiency, helps gather crucial knowledge and understanding about the stringent areas that need urgent improvement. Moreover, along with the release of quality, state-of-the-art, pioneering technologies ahead of the competition that can make a difference on the market, it also forms a solid basis for future revenue. More money now means even more money in the future.

One of the very first technical masterpieces that will usher the automobile world very soon is the new S-Class, which comes packed full of latest technology. The W 222 will be the first luxury model to feature an Autonomous Driving Pilot and the first to recognize whether the driver travels on the wrong side of the road through the Real Life Safety system. Moreover, the new S-Class will be able to anticipate an imminent accident and mitigate as much as possible the negative consecutive effects of the incident. In some circumstances, the new Merc will also be able to take control of the car and increase the brake pressure or veer off to minimize the damages in the event of a head on/rear end collision with the help of an advanced Collision Prevention Assist (CPA) system.

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Returning back to the main topic of the article, the key approach directions for Mercedes-Benz in the next years are:

- the development of powerfully efficient internal combustion engines, which aim to achieve increased performance, more fuel economy and low levels of CO2 emissions;

- the development of sustainable powering solutions as an attractive alternative to traditional IC powerplants - all-electric and plug-in hybrid are the ways to go;

- the development of futuristic, yet highly helpful in-car communication systems that enhance the interactions: car-to-car, car-to-driver, car-to-internet

- the continuous involvement in the research and development of new technologies which provide a greater level of road safety and improve driving dynamics;

- seeking new opportunities and developing new means of personal mobility in the all-so crowded cities of the future that can ensure a smooth, rapid, safe and comfortable transportation from A to B

- a rigorous analysis of the ways that could help further improve the production process while also taking care of the environment

- the implementation of new (partially or fully recyclable), intelligent materials for the construction of the bodywork, the engine, the subsequent technical equipment and the customization of the interior: the biggest achievements are obtaining more advantages concerning kerb weight loss, torsional integrity and crash resistance compared to previous materials, as well as retaining the premium 'look & feel' for the shuttle-destined materials (in addition to creating a whole new 'touch' experience)

- further development in the areas of body aerodynamics and progressive-organic design for the future implementation of a new philosophy and visual identity that can be both fully practical, efficient, striking and immediately identifiable as a true Mercedes-Benz

The chart posted above shows the amount of cash some of the most important global companies spend on R&D, as well as the total number of employees involved. The analysis concerns the year 2010 and reveals Daimler AG occupies the 5th position in the rankings with a total of 4,852 millions of euro. Nearing the end of this decade, the investments made by the German entity into research and development is expected to double up to around 9,000 millions of euro.

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