by Adrian-Liviu Dorofte

REPORT: Mercedes-Benz offering Business Line package for its new E 63 AMG only in Europe

European customers are known as pretty picky, conservative clients who tend to disregard extravagant products. This tendency is, by far, highly common in Germany, where people would like to hide the performance of their car under a non-revealing styling, that does not stand out of the crowd. Marketing executives from Mercedes-AMG have studied this phenomenon and have now come up with a solution for those who would to purchase a new E 63 AMG and also like staying classic.

You have to admit: the new E 63 AMG model is an outrageous car which screams "I am dead crazy!" everytime you look at it. However, the impressive styling might scare some of the traditional AMG customers, so the guys from Affalterbach have developed a new visual package available exclusively for Europe, especially for the Germans.

The Business Line programme, available through the AMG Performance Studio in short time, tones down the design of the new E 63 AMG and converts it into an almost standard-spec E-Class. The modifications are purely for the sake of aesthetics and do not affect the technical performance of the car. Expect the E 63 AMG Business Line to feature the traditional chrome lamella grille instead of the single-louvre twin-blade AMG grille, revised front and rear bumpers and different exhausts, with less WOW effect.

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