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SPY: The 2014 Mercedes-Benz S 600 GUARD (W 222) spotted in Scandinavia + latest shots

We are around two months ahead of the release of the first official pictures and details surrounding the brand new S-Class, Merc's most anxiously awaited new model. In the last year, test prototypes used for the on-road development phase have gradually lost their exterior cladding, revealing more and more interesting details hidden in the outer design of the new luxury flagship from Stuttgart.

The new S-Class will be the first car in its market segment capable of driving itself without the intervention of the driver. Using radar technology, the premium saloon will be able to scan the road paving in front of the car and manage the suspension and dampers to improve dynamics and stability through the MAGIC RIDE CONTROL and MAGIC BODY CONTROL systems. Another highlighting feature of the W 222 generation is the Intelligent Drive concept that gathers an entire array of safety-dedicated features: PRE-SAFE, DISTRONIC PLUS with Steering Assist, Real Life Safety wrong-way detection system, the 3D Stereo Multi-Purpose Camera and many more state-of-the-art solutions that have been already previewed on the new E-Class 2013. Last, but not least, the S-Class is the first car ever to function without any single light bulb, as those are fully replaced with LEDs.

The new S-Class will become an even more upscale luxury limousine, as it is also intended to replace the already ditched Maybach brand. At the start of sales, programed after summer 2013, a choice of two different wheelbase lengths will be available: the standard and the LWB variant. Apart from those, beginning 2014 and 2015 respectively, two new variants will also be added in the portfolio: the S-Class XL (an elongated LWB variant) specially developed for the Chinese market and the S-Class Pullman with up to 6.5 meters in overall length.

The engine lineup will consist of numerous diesel, gasoline and hybrid powerplants, going from straight-four up to V12. Several clean and efficient BlueTEC versions replacing the current CDI units will also be released, as are the new HYBRID, BlueTEC HYBRID and PLUG-IN HYBRID, with specifications yet to be confirmed. The range-topping AMG models will also be part of the family, with the new S 63 AMG intended to receive 4MATIC and more power (557 hp or 585 hp) and the new V12-powered S 65 AMG remaining fully committed to rear-wheel-drive and boasting up to 680 hp. Mercedes-Benz have reportedly fully developed in-house a brand new automatic, 9-speed gearbox entitled called 9G-TRONIC that is also expected to premiere on the new S-Class.

Spy photographers from all over the world have spotted various camouflaged S-Class test vehicles. Lately, the guys with cameras that were dispatched in Northern Europe snagged some early test prototypes of the upcoming S-Class GUARD high-security representative model, slated to enter production next year. The modified, slightly wider body with visibly added metal panels, the different filler area and the front wing-placed spots for inserting flags depict the model. This special variant, built only upon specific request and intended for diplomatic use, will feature an extended wheelbase, an extensively armoured body and several, bespoke protection measures to make it withstand some of the most demanding threats - weapon attack, fire attack, chemical attack. The S-Class GUARD will also be fitted with the latest generation of communication devices and most of the technological features of the standard S-Class. However, the extra protection package adds important kilograms to the kerb weight. To counterbalance that effect, the GUARD variant is offered only in conjuction with the future S 600 model powered by a new V12 biturbocharged engine cranking out around 550 hp.

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What is the likelihood that the transmission selector will be back where is should never have the center console. Instead of the insane location MB placed it.

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