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Movie Star: The new A-Class takes the "Night train to Lisbon"

For his film version of Pascal Mercier’s international bestselling novel "Night Train to Lisbon", Oscar-winning Danish director Bille August turned to international stars such as Jeremy Irons, Martina Gedeck, Jack Huston, Mélanie Laurent – and two vehicles from Mercedes-Benz. So when Raimund Gregorius (Jeremy Irons), the film’s main protagonist, sets off in search of author Amadeu de Prado (Jack Huston), he is driven through Lisbon by eye specialist Mariana de Eca (Martina Gedeck) in an A-Class. The author himself – in film flashbacks of his life – drives a Mercedes-Benz 280 SE.

The film’s premiere in Germany is on 20 February 2013 in Hamburg and in Switzerland on 21 February in Berne. Both premieres are being supported by Mercedes-Benz with a limousine shuttle service. From 20 February 2013, film fans will be able to log on to to see an exclusive "making of" feature about the film. The film can be seen in cinemas in Germany from 7 March 2013.

About the film

Raimund Gregorius, known affectionately by his pupils as "Mundus", is a classics teacher at a college in the Swiss capital, Berne. One day, on the Kirchenfeld Bridge, he meets a beautiful young Portuguese woman. Just as she is about to throw herself into the waters below, he is able to seize hold of her and save her. But the lady disappears soon afterwards, leaving behind only her jacket and a book by the Portuguese doctor and poet Amadeu de Prado. Gregorius is fascinated by the book and determines to find out more about the life of its author. Finding a rail ticket tucked inside the book, he makes an impulsive decision to use it and leaves his class mid-lesson to embark on what proves to be a very eventful journey to Lisbon. Following in the footsteps of de Prado, he becomes involved in a high-stakes game, fraught with political as well as emotional intrigue. His journey transcends both time and space, touches upon questions of philosophy, history and medicine - not to mention love. It takes him on a liberating search for the true meaning of life.

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