by Adrian-Liviu Dorofte

OFFICIAL: The new Mercedes-Benz S-Class prone to appear in mid-2013

Dr. Dieter Zetsche revealed today the new GLA-Class will be introduced at Frankfurt, with the Concept GLA-Class to be showcased in two months as (main) highlight of the Auto Shanghai 2013. Our strong belief is that this late position from the top of the company is rather contradictory and contrasting to recent reports towards the outcome of the new S-Class, which, seriously, received postponement after postponement.

Before we start the analysis, this is Dr. Z's statement from the speech:

"Our most important new model will make its world debut in the middle of this year: the new S-Class. The S-Class is not “just any” car:

- It is the epitome of the luxury sedan;
- a symbol of German engineering skill recognized the world over;
- a metaphor for best-in-class."

These latest allegations put the introduction of the new S-Class under high doubt. Initially, as we have already reported in our various articles on this topic, the W 222 should be officially premiered at the Chinese motor show in April, following the release of the first pictures and specifications at the end of March (26th ??). But, as visible from the same speech, Dr. Z stated clearly the S-Class is coming in the middle of 2013 - June or July, most likely.

However, he confirmed the new S-Class future portfolio will comprise up to five variants, without making any further comments. Those versions should be the standard model (SWB, LWB), the Pullman (XLWB), the Coupe (C 217), the Cabriolet (A 217) and maybe, the 4-door Coupe (C 222).

The statement: "In the coming years, we will launch five versions of the new S-Class."

The document with the full speech can be found at -->

In the mean time, we show you the latest spyshots of the S-Class captured in wintry Sweden, where the W 222 continues the cold weather development programme.

Image Credits: GermanCarForum

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