by Adrian-Liviu Dorofte

RUMOR: Mercedes-Benz to ditch the V8-powered E 500 in 2015?

An intriguing report that circulates on the interwebs since last week claims Mercedes-Benz is mulling over the replacement of its current E 500 top variant on the W 212 and S 212 models with a less powerful E 400 option starting 2015.

The current range-topping E-Class Limousine and T-Modell (besides the AMG model) is powered by the Modular V8 unit with a mass displacement of 4.7 litres and developing 408 hp. While boasting several measures to ensure more efficiency such as bi-turbocharging, high precision direct injection and ECO start/stop function, the engine, although tipped as frugal, is still an 8-cylinder force designed mainly for performance and for burning petrol for the sake of sportiness.

Downsizing seems to be the new policy at Mercedes-Benz - more efficiency for less power. This is the reason the E 500 will seize to exist in two years, with its place being taken by the new E 400, according to sources. The so-entitled high end version for the E-Class gets puts into motion thanks to a new 3.0-litre V6 petrol powerplant, cranking out 333 hp. However, the Coupe (C 207) and Cabriolet (A 207) offerings will preserve the E 500 moniker, sources tell, as there is no V8-powered AMG choice for them.

The E 400 engine already appears in the equipment list of the recently launched E-Class 2013 lineup (212 series), together with the E 500. While it makes reference to the ongoing model year and partly to 2014, it is still hard for anybody to believe Mercedes-Benz will eventually phase out the current range-topping W 212/S 212.

Our opinion: the V8 will still live on after 2015 at Mercedes-Benz generally and for the entire E-Class range especially. And not only for the E 63 AMG, but for the E 500 as well, that will survive eventually. It is a matter of classiness and exclusiveness, not just a simple question of efficiency in the context of the predicted fossil fuel dissapearance in the next years 20-30 years. Going green will be the main task of the forthcoming straight-four and straight-six BlueDIRECT powerplants that will be released towards 2016 and 2017. A dose of pleasure from the iconic 8-cylinder beasts won't harm the Planet too much.

If the competition has the V8 for identical class vehicles (with no plans to scrap it off what-so-ever), why would Mercedes-Benz not have it for the E-Class 212? Complete nonsense - another gossip destined solely for the garbage bin, we say.

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