by Adrian-Liviu Dorofte

SPECIAL: The new F1 W04 car almost revealed

MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS has engaged F1 maniacs from all over the world to take part in a special online reveal of team's brand new 2013 title contender, the F1 W04. The task is to deliver as many tweets containing the hashtag #F1W04Reveal in order for the digital replica of the car, posted in the header section of the website ( ) to become visible from the garage it is standing in. Who knows, maybe the F1 W04 will be unveiled online in the following hours, thanks to everybody's contribution.

The public premiere will happen tomorrow in Spain, at the Jerez circuit. In the morning, the paddock area will be all set-up to receive the new Silver Arrow from 13:30 (CET), according to latest reports.

Using some techniques to brighten and contrast the image, we have somehow revealed the shape and some of the details of the new F1 W04 still hidden in darkness. All in all, the car is an evolution of the W03 version, only that the new W04 marks the return to the beautiful F1 nose (visually close to the nose on the 2011 W02 model) - so farewell to the ugly stepped architecture. In fact, this here aerodynamic measure is still retained, but it got covered with a panel, as F1 regulations offer the permission to do that. The front wing also seems to be intricately profiled to increase flow of air and added track performance. Tomorrow, we will see more details of the car as the first pre-season winter test session kicks off at Jerez.

We too have tweeted #F1W04Reveal - if you are kind, you should do the same for the sake of this funny game! :)

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