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Early Reveal: The new Mercedes-Benz S-Class caught naked during promo shooting

After years of Mercedes-Benz holding a complete secret over its new luxury flagship, the "security" barrier was breached today as spy photographers managed to sneak beyond "enemy" lines and take pictures of a completely undisguised S-Class 222 model series.

The S-Class you see in these captures features a long wheelbase (look at the longer rear doors), so this vehicle gets the internal designation V 222 unlike the SWB (standard or short wheelbase) variant which is codenamed W 222. Given its special licence plate (S : W 2226 - W 222 for the model series and 6 for the 6th generation), the car was probably being used for filming some promo materials (pictures and presentation videos) for the Mercedes-Benz network websites and for the webspecial page the Germans are readying for the launch of the new S-Class.

The pictured 2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class wears the bespoke AMG Sport coat and boasts a shining silver paint job. What strikes the most is the simply perfectly balanced silhouette of the car. The proportions and all the minute details visible in these photos were carefully mastered for maximum effect.

The new front end is highly dynamic: the large-sized, four-louvred lamella radiator grille placed upright harks back to luxury ancestors from the 60s and 70s, while the full LED headlights display some mindblowing inner graphics that are set to look fabulous when seen on street or in the mirrors.

The alloy wheels the car was equipped with replicate jet airplane turbines through their design and certainly look astonishing when the S-Class is in motion. The discrete dropping line, the new door handles and the bigger exterior mirrors and certain refined, chromed lines complete the sporty, yet elegant styling of the side profile.

The rear end sports a timeless design with its beautifully carved elements. The gorgeous LED tail lamps and the new double exhaust pipes accentuate the new S-Class as the all-time trendsetter and leader of the premium luxury segment.

If some were suggesting the 222 generation is in fact an evolution of the 221 series, then they could not be wronger. While not entirely an artistic revolution, it is certainly a head turner and a complete departure from the current model.

Hopefully, we will receive more details from inside the company during the next weeks till the official premiere of the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class takes place on May 15th in Hamburg.

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Image Credits: GermanCarForum

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