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Early Reveal: Step inside the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class

If the exterior photos with the new S-Class were not enough for today, a set of interior pics has also leaked on the internet shortly after. Most probably, Mercedes-Benz executives are in shock after this unexpected uncover of their crucial luxury flagship.

The majority of these interior shots are taken in dark light, so not many details are accesible to the naked eye. However, due to ambience lighting, one cam make most of the general design of the passenger shuttle. Many already knew how the dashboard of the new S-Class looked months before such images ever hit the interwebs, because several interior scoops appeared through time joining the usual spy pics of test prototypes.

The centrepoints of this mindblowing inner design are the two-spoke multifunctional steering wheel with chic factor (a tribute paid to 1960s predecessors W 108/W 109 and W 111/W 112 model series) and the impressive displays - the digital instrument cluster and the LCD for the new @yourCOMAND internet-based infotainment system. The center console is minimal but also extravagant as well, comprising four rounded air vents, the glossy analogue clock and the easy-access controls for HVAC. Another highlight is the large slab of wood that surrounds the cabin using the mid-section of the dashboard and the upper part of the door covers. Besides that, the atmosphere of wellbeing and refinement is further encompassed by the use of aluminium and stitched, two-tone or monochrome leather upholstery, in various colours, styles and consistencies, on both front and rear seats as well as on select portions of the dashboard. Thus, you can hardly find visible plastic, even though it is mainly good quality, soft-appearance, foam-injected type.

The centre tunnel which houses the armrests and further commands (like the rotary controller for the infotainment system and the ride dynamics controls) extends from front to rear, so the new S-Class becomes a vehicle with 4-seat architecture instead of the previous 5-seat organization. Furthermore, upon request, the front seats can be equipped with rear-facing displays for the entertainment of backseat passengers. Last, but not least, the intelligent seats have massage, heating and ventilation functions (that each passenger can modify from the corresponding door-placed seat-like controls), but also work together with safety systems (such as PRE-SAFE) and active ride technologies (MAGIC RIDE CONTROL, MAGIC BODY CONTROL), to ensure everyone stays firmly, yet highly comfortably attached to their own seat. Nonetheless, the rear belts can be optionally fitted with the state-of-the-art, one-of-a-kind Beltbag, which succesfully replaces the Sidebag and works in conjuction with the Windowbag to further increase security level.

The new Burmester professional high-performance audio system will transform the new S-Class into a four-wheeled concert hall. Furthermore, the soundproof technology and the aerodynamic, low-Cd body ensure minimal NVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness) values and improve acoustics. The select touch is further enhanced by the presence of ambience lighting technology in different, customizable colours, as well as the perfume dispenser-atomizer, located in the dashboard compartment, which, at times (again, this can also be programmed), sprays the cabin with pleasant flavours to refresh the atmosphere inside the new S-Class.

So, now take a deep breath and start dreaming while you enjoy the pictures of this remarkable interior. Truly, the new S-Class is now, more than ever in the past, the epitome of automotive luxury.

Image Credits: GermanCarForum

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