by Adrian-Liviu Dorofte

F1 Gossip: Toto Wolff spills more gas on fire amidst McLaren-Honda affair

Toto Wolff, Merc's newly appointed motorsports chief, has recently expressed his fears the Silver Arrows team must do their best to protect the important know-how contained in the future V6 turbocharged engine the Brixworth engineers have developed for the 2014 season.

This statement comes in a period when hints that McLaren is in advanced discussions with former engine partner Honda for the revival of their historic alliance starting 2015 are becoming more evident. If you like, Wolff seems to be admitting the reality and intentionately reveals the real situation behind closed doors.

Needless to say, if the Woking-based team chooses the Japanese brand to supply its engines (which odds say it will), there will be some leaks concerning technical facts over the Mercedes-Benz 6-cylinder engine to Honda.

He further warned that, regardless of the outcome, the Germans really need to stay focused and supervise their ongoing contract with McLaren, at least for the remaining two years and crucially for next season (the alleged last season with Mercedes-powered McLarens on the grid), if Honda gets its deal signed with the British team.

Eager plans of McLaren might raise some questions of loyalty and confidence. It is their own choice to finish relationship with Mercedes-Benz, even though the performance, balance and reliability of the engines could hardly have been put at doubt during their long-term partnership which began in 1995.

Playing fair should be the right choice and battling weapon for the anticipated 2015 Telmex McLaren Honda Formula 1 Team.

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