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REPORT: The "baby G-Class" - one step closer to production

In August 2012, we were bringing to your attention the plans Mercedes-Benz has to offer a niche compact SUV resembling the G-Class (read more --> HERE). New information points that the so-called GLG is indeed set to hit streets in about two years from now.

It is worth saying the ENER-G-FORCE concept showcased in November last year at Los Angeles increased the birth chances of this special model. We hear the GLG's overall styling will be heavily influenced by the design study presented at the North American motor show.

Nonetheless, while talking about the ENER-G-FORCE in one of our articles, we speculated it could well spawn a brand new generation G-Class in the future, probably after 2016 (read more --> HERE). Even though this prediction was far from spot on, it was somehow relevant to the current rumors regarding the GLG.

The new "City-G" from Mercedes-Benz will arrive in spring 2015 and be developed on the MFA front-driven platform. Measuring a mere 4 meters, it shall likely be company's smallest SUV in history, hence its other nickname - the "baby G-Class". The FWD configuration will be standard, with the front-biased 4MATIC (67:33 ratio) being offered as an option for the range-topping variants and solely in conjunction with the 7G-DCT automatic gearbox.

Expect some flamboyant styling similar to the design exercise on the Ener-G-Force 2025 Highway Patrol Vehicle, as well as progressive influence from the GLA-Class. Inside, the edged dashboard will remember the clients the GLG is the nephew of the mighty Geländewagen.

The engines are borrowed from the other premium compact models - ranging from 1.5 litres and 109 hp up to 2.1 litres and 211 hp. A high performance GLG 45 AMG with 360 hp and 450 Nm is a bit unlikely at the moment, but we do not fully rule it out of the scheme.

The active/pasive safety level and the technological equipment for the GLG will include numerous assistance systems, like the complete set of airbags, Collision Prevention Assist, the PRE-SAFE, the DIRECT STEER parametric steering, the 360-degree stereo multi-purpose camera (SPMC) and the internet-based COMAND Online infotainment system.

Being a lifestyle crossover, appealing to younger masses of customers, means the GLG will offer unlimited personalization choices through dedicated programmes like designo, Mercedes-Benz Sport and Mercedes-Benz Original Accessories. If the new GLA-Class (X 156) should end up costing around 30,000 euros for the entry-level model, the purchase price for the future GLG could start at around 32,000-33,000 euros in Germany. The new Star-badged vehicle will be first introduced in Europe, but it will also be sold onto the American market towards 2016 following the official dealer launch in the summer of 2015.

Note: Mercedes-Benz ENER-G-FORCE pictured.

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Bushwacker said...

It is my first time to see review about this baby G-Class and honest I was amazed. I can't wait for the launch of this baby G-Class though it takes years but I am excited.

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