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REPORT: Dr. Z confirms future SLS replacement supercar

This week's major event that held the media and public attention was undoubtfully the Geneva Motor Show. As always at these occassions, there's chance hot insight on certain upcoming models is revealed during interviews with the press.

It was also the case for Mercedes-Benz as company's head Dr. Dieter Zetsche admitted a replacement for the current SLS AMG supercar is already on the development table. Moreover, Zetsche further mentioned Mercedes-Benz will release a concept car that teases the future so-called SLC AMG (project C 190) anytime soon.

Arriving on the market towards 2016, the new rocket will be the opera of Affalterbach engineers like the SLS AMG. The styling will be more dynamic and modern, thus dropping the classic, retro design of the current model. There will be no Gullwing doors, as they add quite an impressive weight to the car and can affect dynamics.

Expect a new 4.0-litre V8 engine featuring direct injection and twin-turbocharging technology. As initial reports indicate, the new powerplant will be available in two power stages - 485 hp and 585 hp. The entry-level SLC AMG will likely be powered by the new V6 engine rated at 333 hp. The model could also feature an all-wheel-drive chassis as standard equipment instead of the rear-driven solution.

Extensive use of carbon fiber and aluminium for the development of the chassis and components will ensure the kerb weight stays as low as possible. Aimed at Porsche 911, the new supercar from Mercedes-AMG should boast a purchase price below 100,000 euros to stay competitive and attractive to clients.

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Note: SLS AMG pictured.

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