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SPY: The 2015 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupé (C 217) continues winter testing in Scandinavia

A new set of spy shots with the future S-Class Coupé has just arrived in store. The heavily camouflaged prototypes are spread across Scandinavia, where the weather is simply perfect for the cold weather development phase.

Hidden under the psychedelic cladding lies a beautiful silhouette that has evolved into a modern approach to coupés based on the heritage of traditional Mercedes-Benz 2-door models from the past.

The C 217 is tested along with a the current C 216 CL-Class it replaces, so we can get a better comparison between the two generations. First of class, the S-Class Coupé is slightly lowered in terms of height and has an even more rakish roofline when put together with the CL.

In every sense, the future 2-door luxury Merc is simply lengthier and more robustly shaped than the C 216 model. The imposing front end with its upright single-louvre grille boasting the Star inspires force and self confidence. The profile with its discrete dropping line and muscular rear shoulder and revised lower window line that swervs upwards as it meets the upper line point to the fact the C 217 displays thoroughly grown up design. The trunk area with its linear tail lamps and generous boot lid impresses with its maturity and cleanliness.

All in all, the new C 217 series rewrites basic principles of Mercedes-Benz coupés by premiering a remarkably fresh attitude that is certain to turn heads on street. Expect a similar styling procedure applied to the new generation C-Class Coupé (C 205) and E-Class Coupé (C 213) that are scheduled to arrive on the market in the next 2-3 years.

The new Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupé is expected to make its first appearance during summer 2014, with sales kicking off in autumn the same year.

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