by Adrian-Liviu Dorofte

Daimler IT honored with the first ever „European Data Innovator Award“

Daimler AG has been awarded with the first ever “European Data Innovator Award“. At a festive ceremony hosted by the European Data Forum in Dublin, Ireland, Dr. Michael Gorriz, CIO Daimler, received the Award on behalf of the Information Technology Management (ITM) of Daimler.

For more than one year Daimler ITM colleagues from various departments have worked on concepts and processes on how to apply the new and open World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)-standards of the semantic webs in different disciplines of the company.

In his acceptance speech, Dr. Gorriz explained that Semantic Web Technologies are the base for a more effective usage of data and are the pre-requisite to get access to so-called „data silos”. This established transparency of data inventory accelerates decision making processes and business flows.

Thus employees can concentrate on their core responsibilities, as their work gets more efficient when these supportive IT-systems are interconnected free from media breakage.

Dr. Michael Gorriz summarizes: „Through the establishment of forced data transparency and data openness, profound structural changes are taking affect, which need to be supervised. The core business of manufacturing enterprises, such as Daimler, is more and more influenced by IT - “Modern Economy“ und “Old Economy“ are merging together. Cultural and technological changes towards a digital organization need to go hand-in-hand.”

Credits: Daimler AG

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