by Adrian-Liviu Dorofte

Nine Citaro Euro VI solo buses delivered to BLT Baselland Transport AG in Switzerland

On 04 April, BLT Baselland Transport AG in Switzerland took delivery of nine Mercedes-Benz Citaro buses meeting the requirements of the future Euro VI emissions standard. These are the first standard-production regular-service solo buses featuring this clean technology to go into service with BLT in Switzerland.

Emission control system comprising SCR technology plus exhaust gas recirculation

The new Citaro meeting Euro VI is currently the cleanest diesel-driven regular-service bus on the market. An optimised combustion process and a sophisticated emission control system reduce particulate emissions to just three percent of the level specified by Euro I twenty years ago, while nitrogen oxide emissions have been cut to five percent.

In addition to new engines and an extensive emission control system, the Citaro also features a new outer shell. Thanks to a raft of design measures, the buses weigh no more than previously – despite the additional technology on board. They even offer lower fuel consumption – and therefore lower CO2 emissions – than originally expected. Mercedes-Benz has implemented a number of measures to compensate for the additional weight of the Euro VI components, including a lightweight fibreglass-reinforced-plastic (FRP) roof and a weight-optimised rear axle. The Citaro is therefore able to boast the same high payload and passenger-carrying capacity as before.

Credits: Daimler AG

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