by Adrian-Liviu Dorofte

Buses are gaining momentum: The Citaro Euro VI buses for the City of Trier

Trier’s public utility company has put three new Citaro Euro VI buses into service. The urban buses equipped with Euro VI exhaust treatment technology significantly improve urban environmental quality thanks to emissions that are 80 percent lower than those of their predecessors. At the same time, the fuel expenses of the transport operator are lower because the new buses use more than 8 percent less diesel fuel. This was substantiated in the "Record Run Buses" economy run conducted in autumn 2012 under the impartial supervision of Dekra.

Daimler Buses has delivered some 350 buses equipped with Euro VI exhaust treatment technology to date. By the end of 2013 more than 1700 Daimler Buses of the Mercedes-Benz and Setra brands equipped with environmentally friendly Euro VI exhaust treatment technology are expected to be on the road.

Milestone in bus development, economic efficiency was top development priority

To comply with the Euro VI emission standards, the buses are equipped with complex exhaust treatment technology. They combine the customary Mercedes-Benz SCR technology of AdBlue injection and oxidation catalyst with exhaust gas recirculation and a closed particulate filter. The completely new engine generation and the complex exhaust treatment technology have reduced emissions to the very margin of detectability and thus represent another step in the advancement of diesel technology.

Credits: Daimler AG

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