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PREVIEW: The impressive light design and technology of the new S-Class

As mentioned in the previous article, the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class will be the first car in the automotive industry to function without a single light bulb. The headlights, the instruments inside and all the components which needs light to function will be based solely on LED technology.

The light emitting diodes or LEDs is the latest fashion for modern automobile, because it gives carmakers the oppoortunity to explore new possibilities and reach boundaries never before imagined. By contrast to traditional bulbs, the functioning of LEDs does not produce large amounts of waste heat and thus the lifecycle for diodes is dramatically extended. LEDs can also improve the looks of a car as it can be designed in various shape and forms to create outstanding and appealing inner graphics for the headlamps and rear lights. And the new S-Class is a true demonstration of these facts.

Around 490 LED units ensure the light for the new S-Class, both inside and outside. The headlamps display an intricate design where each LED has its own pre-written functions. Whether you talk about daytime projectors, foglight, cornering function, turn signal or low/high beam, each and every of them relies on LED technology.

Furthermore, LED is by far the winner compared to traditional lighting systems (like filament-based and high intensity discharge xenon) as it can respond faster, be more dynamic and adapt quicker to various, in addition to being fully environmentally friendly because LED do no emit greenhouse gases and thus mitigate global warming.

The Intelligent Light System relying on LED is completely adaptive and holds various functions depending on the situation: motorway, follow me home, cornering, active distance lighting etc. When not needed, LED units from the headlights are automatically covered by panels activated by electric actuators. The tail lamps can also change in intensity (as to not blind or distract drivers coming from behind) and it can also signal an emergency braking instantly with intermitent LED pulsation, in this way helping other avoid potential threats and head-on rear-end collisions.

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