by Adrian-Liviu Dorofte

REPORT: Mercedes-Benz to launch sub-A-Class city models in the near future

It makes no sense to think that, when your major opponents are orienting their forthcoming fleet of models towards the stringent needs of the overcrowded city of the future, you sit relaxed and watch the show. If you once believed you will not see any Merc model smaller than the A-Class, you should give it a second thought.

A while ago, we were reporting on the odds Mercedes-Benz launches the X-Class towards 2018 (see HERE), a niche offering destined for city mobility, in two distinct variants: a crossover with SUV aura based on the looks of the A-Class, but with specific styling, and a four-meter van.

Now, it appears Mercedes-Benz will also release a three-door city car in four to five years from this moment. Currently in the early phases of development, the mini A-Class will be engineered on a new technical, front-driven platform to also underpin the future Renault Twingo. First test mules should be out in two years, if the world premiere is slated for mid-2017.

Although everything sounds sci-fi at the moment, we are also pleased to inform that smart will also reveal themselves a similar model, placed above the upcoming 2015 forfour and competing directly with MINI Cooper and Audi A1.

Insiders claim this new project will receive the CLY badge as series car, but that sounds unlikely even though Mercedes-Benz registered this trademark last year (see HERE). The model might also stay X-Class or convert into CLX, as the future range of city vehicles seems to concentrate around the "X" letter.

For powering the new Mercedes-Benz City Car, Daimler and Renault will develop new petrol and diesel powerplants with 3-cylinder architecture and low displacement (one litre and below), but impressive consumption and CO2 emission levels. The E-CELL all-electric powertrain could also be available at launch.

Pricing should start at 20,000 euros or just beneath in most European countries. The new model will also be introduced to the North American market, but it is still unknown whether it will reach China.

Image Source: L'Automobile Magazine

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