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Early Reveal: Mercedes-Benz "accidentally" takes the wraps off the 2014 S 63 AMG

Following the entrance into production of the all new S-Class, Mercedes-Benz published a set of pictures and, consequently, a presentation promo (which you see posted below) on the assembly process going on at the Sindelfingen plant. The film features a just readied S 63 AMG model, showcased in all of its splendour.

Hardly an accident and more of a controlled leak strategy from Mercedes-Benz, as every body can witness the full vehicle without any problem. The rear end baring the "S 63" emblem on the boot lid is also being presented for a couple of seconds towards the end of the video. And, last but not least, each one of us can notice the different air intakes at the front, the V8 AMG lettering on the side wings and the differently styled alloy wheels with sports design. We would have liked to see a more aggressive design on the front fascia, but probably "Less is more", so we will have to wait for proper images to appear in order to judge the whole car.

First real and official details and pictures on the 8-cylinder high-performance limousine from Affalterbach are set to come in mid-July, as the market launch of the W 222 S-Class generation happen on day 20 of the next month. The new S 63 AMG comes equipped with the latest technology from Mercedes-AMG and gets its power from the 5.5-litre BITURBO engine, which was tuned to deliver around 570 hp specially for this model. In its S-Model declination, the S 63 AMG boasts the intelligent Performance 4MATIC rear-biased traction and an output boost up to 585 hp or even more.

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