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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin Spring/Summer 2014: Exclusive fragrances for the new S-Class

There is something very special in the air at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin Spring/Summer 2014: Mercedes-Benz is presenting in the event marquee in front of the Brandenburg Gate the four upscale fragrances for the new S-Class, which were created jointly with the renowned perfumer Marc vom Ende. The new luxury saloon is the world's first car to be fitted with active, individually adjustable fragrancing. Further Mercedes-Benz models will follow.

Just as a body fragrance adds the finishing touch to an individual's personal style, so the Mercedes-Benz fragrancing system now also allows the interior of a car to be individualised via design, material and colour selection. The fragrance molecules are neither deposited on the vehicle's fabric surfaces nor on clothing. The impression left by the fragrance is subtle, comes across as unobtrusive and also fades away gently.

Marc vom Ende, senior perfumer at fragrance manufacturer Symrise and jury member of the Innovation Award of the German perfumery retailers association, has developed four striking fragrances for the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. Daimler futurologist and fragrance expert Sabine Engelhardt will be presenting these fragrances at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin, due to be held up to 5 July 2013.


A seductively feminine, atmospheric fragrance whose essence cannot be captured. DOWNTOWN MOOD is just as multifaceted as the vibrant life of a city that never sleeps. The bewitching freshness of magnolia and rosewood combines with a fruity note of velvety peaches and an unexpected metallic effect which sows confusion and arouses curiosity. Then the transparent heart of the fragrance opens up, which beats to the gentle rhythm of delicate jasmine and lilac blossoms. Afterwards the fragrance develops its mysterious, intimate side: warm musk notes and powdery chords convey voluptuous sensuality and sex appeal.


An aristocratic fragrance in the tradition of masculine elegance. NIGHTLIFE MOOD reflects the illustrious aura of a pronounced style. The marked composition conjures up the atmosphere of an exquisite study – with its magical allure. Dark wood notes are reminiscent of the sumptuous warmth of a heavy armchair in front of an open fire, surrounded by sturdy furniture. The freshness of cool spices with a hint of a fine cognac chord exudes a passion for extraordinary pleasure which is augmented with nuances of incense, amber and vetiver with a mysterious component echoing a freshly opened box of expensive cigars. That is the magic of a stylish night.


Inconspicuous, yet always present, FREESIDE MOOD pampers the senses. Dewy citrus notes of bergamot and lemon combine with tea extracts. This sparkling, lively main chord is refined elegantly with subtle flowery notes. Nuances of patchouli, amber and cedar wood ensure depth and warmth, lending the fragrance its charming restraint and timelessness. A unisex fragrance full of harmony and lightness – simple and luxurious.


This fragrance conjures up a feeling of spring-like lightness and refreshing attractiveness. The exotic aroma of lime blossoms lies in the air, blending with the fresh fragrance of light green leaves. A sensual experience of awakening nature, which is subtly enriched with a captivating bouquet of magnolia, gardenia, jasmine and rose – embedded on a trace of soft, spicy moss. The sparkling, lively freshness of grapefruit and watermelon lends the natural fragrance its vitalising charisma. SPORTS MOOD releases happiness hormones and embodies pure joie de vivre and freedom.

Credits: Daimler AG

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