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Off on holiday with Mercedes-Benz: The summer awaits

The time has come again: the start of the summer holidays, when many take extended journeys by car. Tailor-made equipment and accessories make for an even more relaxed start to the holiday. Mercedes-Benz Accessories GmbH and the Mercedes-Benz sales partners have these available for all the company's models. Here is an overview of the highlights in the range, as well as hints and information relating to car journeys.

Models from Mercedes-Benz traditionally offer a particularly high level of noise and vibration comfort. Relaxed travel is not a luxury, but helps to maintain driver fitness for safety. Because a driver who is mentally and physically fit has sufficient performance reserves to respond rapidly and correctly in critical traffic situations. Which means that all fellow travellers will arrive more relaxed. Studies by the Customer Research Center (CRC) at Mercedes-Benz show that certain comfort attributes have a direct influence on driver performance and well-being during and after a journey. Comfort is therefore also conducive to safety.

An overview of the topics in this press kit:

- Whether holiday luggage or sports equipment – everything will arrive at the destination safely with the transport solutions individually tailored to each model. All roof-mounted transport solutions are based on the roof carriers from the Alustyle series.

- Sophisticated design, high-quality finish, intelligent use of space and numerous practical details distinguish the suitcases and bags in the Mercedes-Benz Collection, which were developed together with experts such as Samsonite or Deuter. With these luggage items, the holiday already starts when packing.

- Those not only taking the car on familiar routes will reliably reach their destination with a Mercedes-Benz navigation system – while avoiding the stress of traffic tailbacks. Retrofit systems for all model series and every budget, as well as up-to-date software, reliably lead the way.

- When it comes to infotainment, Mercedes-Benz offers numerous accessory systems that turn the rear of the car into a cinema. And if you want to be easily reachable by telephone and well informed thanks to the internet even when far from home, you will find that the retrofit multimedia systems are a good choice.

- Welcome home - on long car journeys this is particularly true if practical accessories enhance the level of on-board comfort.

- The Mercedes-Benz Collection catalogue has many accessories and clothing items that make the holiday experience even more enjoyable. Inspired by the vehicles, reflecting high-quality workmanship and developed with the same passion, these products likewise bear the Mercedes star.

- Mercedes-Benz Driving Events: Sheer excitement, maximum driving pleasure, learning to drive safely and skilfully like the professionals – that's what the Mercedes-Benz Driving Events for the 2013/2014 season offer. Professional instructors help to raise driving skills to a new level. The cars – the latest saloons, coupés, roadsters and off-roaders – are provided by Mercedes-Benz.

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