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REPORT: Mercedes-Benz plans a Sportcoupe version for the future C-Class

The German constructor is growing faster than ever these days. With the impressive momentum brought by the new compact car lineup and the forthcoming portfolio on luxury models based on the recently unveiled S-Class, Mercedes-Benz will further build a solid advantage when the future C-Class generation gets revealed in 2014. Rumors already suggest plans to add a fifth variant for the 205 model series - the Sportcoupe.

This title has already been used in the past as well, when the 203 generation of the C-Class also comprised a hatchback version which, unfortunately, was far from being a sales success. In fact, the car was notorious for its construction faults and the lack of premium feel. But this a closed chapter from a dark period for Mercedes-Benz.

The future C-Class Sportcoupe (V 205 ??) is anything but a flop. Built as a combination between a sedan, a wagon and a coupe (sounds pretty familiar to the CLS Shooting Brake), the new addition to the C-Class family will sport dynamical proportions, a long roofline extending towards the back and general fastback shape with five doors for increased practicality.

Inside, the car will offer more room for its passengers and their luggage as well as an extra dose of uniqueness. Mercedes-Benz intends to market this new model as a lifestyle automobile that offers both comfort, luxury and agility. The overall length will exceed that of the limousine (W 205), whereas the height will be lower than that of its direct competitors - the BMW 3er GT and the Audi A5 Sportback.

Expect the C-Class Sportcoupe to be released sometime in 2016, as it still waits for an imminent production approval from the Daimler Board of Management. The technical package, with all the major novelties, will come from the 205 series. Alongside the standard RWD traction, the 4MATIC system will be offered on the high-end variants as an option, like the new 9G-TRONIC automatic gearbox. The standard engine variants will start with the 184 hp C 200 and go straight to the 333 hp C 400 range-topping model. An AMG-powered variant is also possibile from 2017 - in this case, power will come from the new twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre V8 unit rated at 462 hp. The starting price should be around 5,000 euros above the W 205 C-Class.

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